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Games for a handicapped?

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User Info: Ultimortal

4 years ago#1
What are some good Wii / WiiWare games for someone who can move his arms and hands with good coordination, but has trouble gripping with their hands and pressing buttons?

I'm asking for someone whose son is handicapped in such a way. They plays Wii games together not just for fun, but helping to train their son's coordination and movement. But we have trouble finding games that can be played just by tilting the Wiimote, not pressing buttons or using the nunchuck. Any child-friendly game like this would be fine.

Original freeware games and more:

User Info: FeiBenares

4 years ago#2
Wii Play
Wii Sports series
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User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#3
Rythmn Heaven Fever
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User Info: iMURDAu

4 years ago#4
Wii Play: Motion has a couple minigames I can think of. Treasure Twirl, Pose Mii Plus, Cone Zone which has the player balancing ice cream scoops and also making the biggest soft serve cone you can, and Teeter Targets which is very pinballish yet doesn't use buttons for flippers you just tilt the remote to fling a ball towards targets. You could probably find the game cheap but it does require the motion plus accessory but a new copy will have bundled with it.

Flingsmash is another game that might work. It also comes bundled with the motion plus accessory which is required for the game. The player is tasked with moving the character around obstacles using just the thrust of the wiimote. It might be a little difficult though.
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User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#5
sentoworf posted...
Rythmn Heaven Fever

He's asking for movement games without button presses, not games with only button presses. (TC, this game is almost all just pressing A and B to a beat, little to no movement)

Believe it or not, what you're asking for is pretty difficult to pin point a few games for! Most motion controlled games need you to at least press a or b to click on stuff/shoot stuff or block.

Wii Sports I think is mostly hand movements, with little button presses
Wii Sports Resort is similar, but maybe half or more than half of the games actually require the nunchuck/holding down buttons
Wii Play and Wii Play Motion may do the trick, but I haven't played those extensively to know.

There are some rail shooters that are mostly just point and click, but they might be a little too "mature" (Resident Evil games, House of the Dead).

Zak and Wiki is a point and click game, but he might have to do a bit of clicking (I haven't played it much myself, but it's a puzzle game).

Cooking Mama...I think they're mostly motion only (but it might not appeal to him? It's cooking. Peeling potatoes, chopping onions, stirring, etc.), but they still require button presses to navigate through menus. I haven't played this fully though, so there may be button presses here and there in gameplay.

There's also the Super Monkey Ball games (you tilt the Wiimote), but those require you to press the A button every now and then to jump.

....sorry, I haven't played many games like that. I'm sure there are some point and click adventure games and some tilt and roll puzzle games that others can key in on though. I hope you find something!

There's also the Kinect for the Xbox 360 that's all motion. If you want to go a bit retro, there's also the Eye Toy for the PS2. If you want minimal button presses and more movement, I'd take a look there (though, those games may not be what you're looking for exactly, depending on how young/old their son is)

User Info: Zanimar

4 years ago#6
Hmm, only game I could think of would be Sonic and the Secret Rings, but you do have to at least be able to press 1+2 (I think, perhaps A as well) for jumping and boosting. Other than that though the game uses the Wiimote held sideways and tilted for movement and shook for the for the final boss.

Other that one though, I've no idea since all Wii games require some degree of button pressing. Xbox Kinect would probably be a lot better for the child since it uses no buttons and instead is based on body movements to play the games and it does have a few child friendly games on it. :)
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User Info: SF_Baha

4 years ago#7
Rock Band: Unplugged
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User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#8
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll should work.
(The other Monkey Ball game on the Wii, Banana Blitz, requires the player to use a jump button).
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User Info: colt85

4 years ago#9
HerPanda posted...
sentoworf posted...
Rythmn Heaven Fever

He's asking for movement games without button presses, not games with only button presses. (TC, this game is almost all just pressing A and B to a beat, little to no movement)

You correct the other user and yet still recommend Wii Sports that requires a tight grip unless you want to loose the wiimote? TC is asking for tilting games.

Many game have tilt controls but will require much use of buttons at one point or another (Fluidity, Super Monkey Ball), other feature tilting minigames (Zelda TP, Wiifit), but a game that only has tilt controls is kinda hard.

You could try Bit.Trip.Beat and Flux for the Wiiware, the only thing you do is "twist" the wiimote, the games are hard though, so I wouldn't know if he's be able to beat it.
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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

4 years ago#10
Marble Saga Kororinpa perhaps.
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