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Games for a handicapped?

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User Info: Ultimortal

4 years ago#11
Thanks all, their son is four or five years old now, and it's mostly about having fun rather than "winning" a game. But an easy difficulty level is a plus.

I'll check out Cooking Mama and the Wii Play games, and the others you mentioned. Since they play together, he doesn't have to do all the minigames or use the menus himself.

Unfortunately I think the Eye Toy or Kinect are out of the question since they would require buying another console.
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User Info: Skygor_II

4 years ago#12
WarioWare: Smooth Moves

I'm such an idiot for not remembering this. You are -required- by the game to hold the Wiimote in unconventional ways. Since it's microgames they are simple enough for anyone to enjoy. Just watch out for the speed ups.

User Info: weemadarthur

4 years ago#13
Dewy's Adventure has mostly tilt controls, with some button pressing for attack, jump, and puzzle solving. Quite easy for the first 80% of the game, then the platforming gets more precise.

Rampage has all motion controls; in fact, I found it unplayable as my wrist hurt after an hour with the game. But, if giant monsters are ok with the parents, it may work for this child.
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