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What games should I get now?

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User Info: Sharky8

4 years ago#1
I LOVE Mario games. I especially Mario platformer games, but I also enjoy Mario sports games. I have a major bias toward first party Nintendo games. I'm looking for recommendations based on what I already own:

My Wii games:

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Super Paper Mario
(No other Mario adventure, platformer, or RPG games left to get)

Other platformers:
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Kirby's Epic Yarn
(How about Kirby's Return to Dreamland? This seems like the next logical game to buy)

Mario Sports Games:
Mario Super Sluggers
Mario Sports Mix
Mario Kart Wii
(Maybe Super Strikers Charged? Mario soccer is a good title to play?)

First party sports games:
Wii Sports
Wii Play
(I don't Resort, and don't plan on ever buying it)

Other, miscellaneous:
Goldeneye 007 (Don't like it much, actually)
Link's Crossbow Training: good when I played through it. Haven't played since

Various other titles you might suggest:

Zelda games for Wii: I'm not a huge Zelda fan.
Metroid games for Wii: Not as much as a run and gun video game fan anymore.
I am most interested in adventure platformers. Third party titles that I have heard of but haven't played are Epic Mickey, A Boy and His Blob, Rayman, etc.

I'd appreciate recommendations from anyone who reads this through this post and takes the time to examine the type of games I like. Any suggestions?

User Info: sockesocke

4 years ago#2
you need sin and punishment 2.
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User Info: Gueston

4 years ago#3
Based on your post, I would suggest the following:

de Blob series
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Ivy the Kiwi?
Go Vacation

I liked Inazuma Eleven Strikers more than I did Mario Strikers, but I don't think it's out in US regions.
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User Info: ddrfan23

4 years ago#4
Playing through a Boy and his Blob right now, it's a decently well made title. It has awesome hand drawn graphics, and it's pretty difficult near the middle, so it sounds like something up your alley.

Regardless of genre, I always recommend Rhythm Heaven Fever nowadays; it's super cheap (30 bucks MSRP and it's dirt cheap now even though it was released last year), really cute design and masochistic difficulty, but the core mechanics are great for a rhythm game and the soundtrack is great.
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User Info: tooweak

4 years ago#5
Kirby's Return to Dremland and Kirby's Dream Collection are both good if available in your region (Dream Collection is port of 6 older Kirby games plus a new gamebased off Challenge Rooms [the Challenge rooms are different than their RtDL counterparts].

A Boy and his Blob is good if you can get it cheap. Bit of a puzzle and platforming smash-up there.

Even though it's by Square Enix, possibly Fortune Street (about half the cast is Mario though). should be very cheap by now. Basically it's a cross between Monopoly and Mario Party, but minigames play a much smaller role.

Excitebots-First party, listing since you said you like Mario Kart. I was skeptical due to wimmote (or wiimote + wheel) only controls. But it was a lot of fun.

Klonoa-Unsure of how much it costs on Wii. I know PS1 disc is a bit expensive (potentially $40-$80). Listed since you have Kirby (and to a lesser extent, Mario). Wii remake of my favorite non-RPG from the PS1. Wii version is a bit easier, which huts the game a bit as it makes the short length more apparent. If you got a PS3/PSP/Vita you may want to consider the downloadable version off PSN instead.

Also if you have a PS2 get Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil. Cheap and very good game.

Opoona-Is a very hit or miss game. But given the number of posters on other boards who whine about conmsole RPGs having "no townz" in their RPGs it deserves to be more popular than it is. Opoona definitely has some towns :D However, I'll admit there's a lot of flaws to the game (including a poor earlygame town layout). It's clearly a small budget title. But for some the charming game world and music are enough to make it worthwhile. My first night with the game I was afraid I wasted my money on a stinker. But I was hooked at the end of the second night (nights refrerring to IRL time, not ingame time).
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