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Is it safe to buy Wii games on Ebay?

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User Info: TGAkuma

4 years ago#1
Or are there alot of bootlegged wii games out there like GBA and DS?

User Info: Lum_Yatsura

4 years ago#2
You'd need a hacked wii to play bootlegs. Which isn't difficult, at least on older models.
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User Info: sketchturner

4 years ago#3
I have bought nearly all my games off of Ebay. If you are careful about it, you have nothing to worry about. I have gotten a few pirated GBA games but I always have gotten those refunded. I have never received a pirated Wii game, however.

The biggest thing I would advise is not to buy anything from Asia.
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User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#4
As always with eBay you just have to be careful and cautious. Look at the seller's ratings, ask questions if possible and if there's time, make sure you have that Buyer's Protection or whatever it is that eBay offers, etc.

I've bought used Wii and DS games off eBay and never had a problem, and Gamecube games too.

But again, you have to be careful, read the descriptions, look at the pics, don't just jump in on anything you see.
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User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#5
It's safe but stay clear of sellers that used photoshop picture for their items or sell items for cheaper then they actually worth. Also ask question and take their rating seriously. You don't want to get scam, I actually shop eBay for several years now and 3 out of 10 I usually got an item to which I wasn't expect. I once purchased a PS2 version of Soul Calibur II only to instead received the Xbox version inside a PS2 cover, the same happen with Dreamcast games, bought a Shenmue game, got a burn CD instead but inside the actual cover. Also be cautious when buying DS and GBA games on eBay, 80% of sellers that sell them only sold fake carts.

User Info: Alphrin

4 years ago#6
I've never had a problem with non-handheld games on ebay. As long as you avoid sellers from China, you should be fine.
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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

4 years ago#7
I have bought a couple forged games by accident on eBay. Both were import DS games that has stock photos instead of real photos.

But of the many GameCube and Wii games I've bought on eBay, I have yet to get a fake and always buy auctions that have (alleged, anyway) ACTUAL photos, not stock photos.

User Info: Renzokuken405

4 years ago#8
The only place i buy games online is estarland. I used to buy from ebay but got a fake ds game so i am a little uneasy about buying from ebay.
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User Info: FeiBenares

4 years ago#9
You should check sellers' feedbacks and pictures.
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User Info: CheckedIt

4 years ago#10
Worst scenario is you get a game from a different region, just read the listing.

I've bought hundreds of games from ebay over the years and the only fakes I have ever gotten were cartridges that were refunded inmstantly.
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