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top wiiware games

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User Info: star_guy_100

4 years ago#1
top 10 wiiware games?

i have yet to buy a single wiiware game. so with the wii pretty much dead and nintendo probably dropping support completely soon, i was going to buy some wiiware games. ill probably just go with whatever is mentioned the most often

User Info: TheReaSolCutter

4 years ago#2
I avoided WiiWare for a while because I figured it was mostly fireplace simulators, but actually there are some awesome games on there. Maybe not many, but a few for sure. My top 10:

Art Style: Lighttrax
Art Style: Orbient
Castlevania: TAR
Cave Story
Excitebike World Rally
La Mulana
LostWinds 2
Maboshi's Arcade

User Info: sketchturner

4 years ago#3
Castlevania Rebirth
Cave Story
Contra Rebirth
Groovin' Blocks
*Max & the Magic Marker*
*Mega Man 9*
*Mega Man 10*
World of Goo

These are all great but ** are my top 5 picks.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

4 years ago#4
World of Goo
Lost Winds
Lost Winds Winter of the Melodias
Art of Balance
Jett Rocket
FAST Racing League
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