A little shooting tip.

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User Info: AzSchmaz

9 years ago#1
Hey guys,
AzSchmaz again, and I've discovered a slight tip of sorts for when you're shooting.
I've clocked up about 250 games online, finally got my 100 online wins achievement (yeah!!!)... win percentage has been steadily increasing from a pitiful 28% right up to 38%... which is good for a player of my calibre (the casual sort).

But anyway... I've tested a means for shooting from range... 5-10 yards from the outer edge of the penalty box. If you hold RT as normal, to do your accuracy shot... whack up the desired amount of power but... before you strike the ball... drag the left analog stick in the direction that your player's back is facing... It takes a little getting used to... but you'll know you've pulled it off right when your player doesn't automatically starting running in the opposite direction (as will happen with your first few practices :P). You should CONTINUE to run in the direction that is goal-bound. :D
What tends to help is a couple taps of RB to give you a slight knock-on... giving the CPU less reaction time to spin you back around (we don't necessarily want that ;P). It also ensures your shot isn't disrupted by a defender.

Oh, and tend not to go up above the half way bar unless you're Adriano or some striker of a similar status/rating. ;P

This, almost always, is a fail-safe way of hitting what I like to call a "dead-ball" shot.
Reminiscent of those good old Juninho freekicks. The ball hardly swerves or has any additional spin. Just a dead straight shot... which fires like a bullet from players who have shot power ratings of 70 plus.

Give it a try in training mode first, and put it to practice. And watch your percentage of goals from outside the box go up!
Practice! Practice! Practice!
GT: "AzSchmaz" (minus the quotation marks) --- <3

User Info: Thoko25

9 years ago#2
yaaaaaay now i score loadszzzzzz
Gamertag :Thoko

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