Fish Tycoon SOS - how to make $4,000-$5,000 every few minutes!

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User Info: GameMasta114432

8 years ago#1
If you've just read the title, that's right! I can make anywhere between $4000 and $5000 in about 2-3 minutes. How? Some preparation. It may take a while, but it'll be worth it, especially when you can afford any egg-using project in a matter of minutes. O.K. There are 5 simple steps in getting this cash flow:


Step 1 - Eggs, eggs, eggs - Duration: Indefinite

Set your computer/iPod/whatever time to 00:00am. Start a new fish tycoon (SET THE TIME RATE TO 2x). Release your starting eggs, but DO NOT use the hormone. Instead, buy another batch of eggs and release them. Then another. You should now have $60. NOW use the hormone.

CHECK 1: You should be able to see their species now. Look for a shark (black), a spotanus (silver), and a fruitfish (orange and black stripy).

Have all three species? O.K. Leave fish tycoon (make sure your platform remembers where you were). Set your computers time forward 2 hours. IMPORTANT: IF YOU CANNOT MOVE FORWARD 2 HOURS (e.g: the time s 11:02pm), SET THE FISH TYCOON TIME RATE TO "Stopped", AND THEN MOVE BACK TO 00:00am to save your tycoon from being deleted. You can do this "Time-Jump" whenever you breed/research.

CHECK 2: You should have adult fish. You need these EXACT 3: Greenfin Spotanus (Magic Fish #1) , Spined Fruitfish and Sliky Shark.

Have all three? Proceed.


Step 2 - $50 Fish and Me - Duration: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour (w/ Time Jump)

Breed the Spined Fruitfish with the Greenfin Spotanus to get your first "Cash Cow", the Speckled Leaffish (Magic FIsh #2). DONT MASS BREED THESE YET, AS YOU LACK THE SUFFICIENT ENVIRONMENT LEVEL (2), SO JUST SELL THEM 4 - 10 at a time.

Research. (You can mass breed the leaffish at environment 2, so get that first)

CHECK 1: Have level 3 Environment, Food, and Advertising? If you have them, proceed.

Buy the Temperature Regulator and Airation System.


Step 3 - What About My Silky Shark?! - Duration: 1 - 2 Minutes (w/ Time-Jump)

The Silky Shark is the beginning of your "MEGA CASH COW". To make this financial gem, breed the Speckled Leaffish with your Silky Shark to make:

__....::::////||||Canary Fire-Arrow||||\\\\::::.....__

This is the Golden Guppy of Isola (Magic Fish # 7). It sells very fast at $190 -$210.


Step 4 - Time to Kick it Up a Notch - Duration: 5 - 10 Minutes (w/ Time-Jump)

Save up for (and buy) a second tank, along with the 4 plants of isola. Breed about 12 Speckled Leaffish, and grab some more Silky Sharks wherever possible. Divide your total sharks and leaffish evenly between tank one, two and the sale tank. Breed more Canary Fire Arrows. Congregate them into the sale tank, and move your parent fish back into tank one.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Breed EVEN MORE Canary Fire-Arrows and store them in tank two. Adds about 2-3 extra minutes, but can make your money from both tanks become about $8000-$10000!

TIP: Make sure you sell your fish in batches totalling above 15 to increase store population.


Step 5 - Faster! - Duration: 10 Minutes (w/ Time-Jump)

Save up and buy all of the ornaments to increase store crowds - it pays off.


You now have the knowledge to make anything from $48,000 to $100,000 in an hour.

(o) (o)

User Info: GameMasta114432

8 years ago#2
Read my money guide? Good. I'm testing some various eggs to get breeds for the remaining four magic fish. I'll post them when i find them

User Info: God_Bomb

8 years ago#3
whenever I use the clock trick my baby fish die.
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