Does partisan activity ever go down?

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  3. Does partisan activity ever go down?

User Info: exdeath18o

9 years ago#1
I'm getting tired of focusing on suppressing revolts when I want to be fighting.

User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
9 years ago#2
Supposedly it does with the new Armageddon patch.
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User Info: exdeath18o

9 years ago#3
Awesome thanks. I just got the patch and the notes say it goes down 1% a month.

User Info: Onlyhestands

9 years ago#4
Garrisons with police brigades on anti-partisan activitie will lower the partisan level as well, although with the new patch lowering partisan activity per month they are much less usefull. Still you could garrison somewheres and when the partisans are gone you could redeploy the garrisons to guard Islands or beaches.

User Info: drkpendragon

9 years ago#5
Well, unless you want to use a part of your main army keeping them down I would make a bunch and use them when you first take someplace over so they don't keep revolting. Then the partisan level is low you can redeploy where needed.
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User Info: Dranne

9 years ago#6
i use garrisons with military police on every province that has partisan activity. and every other brigade such as infantry and panzers are fighting. all the SS divisions is better to fight partisans that the others.
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  3. Does partisan activity ever go down?

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