can you play this game online anymore?

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User Info: snakey123

8 years ago#1
are the servers still up and if so are there people playing. thanks
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User Info: boyhitscar78

8 years ago#2
yes and yes

User Info: meade

8 years ago#3
yes you can. but i warn you. if your not cheap, and have a good record, ppl will avoid you.

now mind you. if u go and fight someone with over 1000 wins becareful. they are usually exploiters..... and even if u do beat them, they will pull the cord and somehow you dont get the win.....
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User Info: stabbystabstab

8 years ago#4
if they pull the cord you still get the win? there's a way to avoid defeat? My records 52 - 49, Took me a good few fights to figure out a defence agaisnt the cheap tactics.

User Info: meade

8 years ago#5
you dont always get the win. there is something about that. sometimes you can wait for 5 mins then it would show up. other times it wont at all. so yeah, i stopped playing this game
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User Info: JustBleazy

8 years ago#6
^^^^ Yeah, me too. People start spamming special punches which is crazy imo but oh well, to each their own.
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User Info: wwervin

8 years ago#7
People find cheap tactics in online games all the time... reminds me of the various L4D glitches... I guess it's just a matter of finding the right player online who doesn't use cheap punches or pulls the cord.. good luck.

User Info: HORDAK09

8 years ago#8

Now that the new Fight Night is out... are the servers still up? Can you really play this game online anymore?

I hope so cuz I want to buy this game and have a few of my online friends also get it. I've just never seen an EA game still supported online after a new iteration comes out.

Fight Night 4 seems pretty cool, but the general concensous seems to still favor Round 3. So at the new price, I figured 3 is the way to go.

User Info: HORDAK09

8 years ago#9

My bad. I should have mentioned that I'm curious about the X-box 360 servers.

User Info: mario_pot

8 years ago#10
i forgot how fun this game is until i played tonight 2W-1L it was great.
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  3. can you play this game online anymore?

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