its magic.

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User Info: tyr_gts2000

6 years ago#1
ok i started with the spellcaster deck. and have unlocked all but 2 or 3 bosses in the game.

my deck is called It's Magic. because know one but me gets the trick. i have tryed this deck out on 2 different yugi games and it works.. i have had many people tell me "it dosnt flow". or " those cards dont work together"

but like zane said in gx.."its not the cards, its know how to play then"

i have built it in real life, and my friends hate this thing. i have tryed it at some local turnaments and gotten great feed back from the judges. the player had no idea what was going on till it was over..well i have built up the suspence long enough.. so here it is

Monsters (24)
1x a man with wdjat
1x breaker the magical warrior
3x old vindictive magicain
3x silent magican lv4
3x copycat
3x maha vailo
3x shining angel
3x gravekepper's spear soldier
2x gravekeeper's guard
2x chaos command magician

Traps(3 in game 5 real life)
1x sakuretsu armor "game"
1x call of the haunted "game"
1x magic cylinder "game"
1x scrap-iron scarecrow "real life"
1x chain whirlwind "real life"

1x spell absorption
1x axe of despair
2x malevolent nuzzler
1x mage power
3x black pendent
1x giant trunade
1x premature burial
1x swords of rev. light
1x lightning vortex
1x heavy storm
1x mystical space typhoon
1x book of the moon
2x poison of the old man
1x pot of greed

ok there it is.. very spell heavy.. hope to get some input back. i have had so many people tryto guess the stragety and fail.. but hay it is my deck . i get it and no one else should.

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