need help to level up

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User Info: coraje27

9 years ago#1
a friend told me that before reaching chapter 4, my characters need to be level 40!?, does anyone know an easy way to gain experience?

User Info: Aisha

9 years ago#2
No, you do not need to level up in this game, because aside from CP, levels are meaningless in practice.

Your friend told you that you need to be level 40 by the end of Chapter 3 because two characters will leave your party then. When they leave, they deposit weapons into your inventory in order to compensate for their absence. The higher their levels were at the time of leaving, the stronger are the weapons they leave behind. Beyond level 40, the weapons they leave behind cannot be any stronger. At this point, they are so overpowered that they completely ruin any challenge left in the main game. (Not to mention that they are not necessary to accomplish anything.)

So skip them, unless you're a completionist or think that you will need them. If so, then look up "Checklist II" in triAce_Fanboy's guide for a strategy.

User Info: Pdaimaoh

9 years ago#3
Yeah, in practice take your level 2 light warrior without one of those uberweapons into a chapter 5 boss battle and tell me how well you do.

While I do agree the grinding and resulting weapons are really broken for what remains of the game, there's no point in downplaying CP as your level 40+ Dylan with the Bahamut Tear is going to wreck up the enemies in ways your level 5 Roland with the same weapon tries and totally fails at wrecking up the same enemies.
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User Info: triAce_Fanboy

9 years ago#4
You won't have a level 2 Light Warrior at Chapter 5 unless you want to, the first boss there alone will take you to level 17 at least. There's a difference between not needing to level up and purposely avoiding levels. The point is that what comes naturally is enough and there's no benefit in fighting additional battles for more. A level 20 character in Ancient Forest does not necessarily kill things any faster than a level 10 character. If you switched Roland for Zunde in the example, Zunde could kill just as fast as the overlevelled Dylan. Lower damage doesn't mean anything if the result is a 1-hit kill anyway.

And that's why I don't agree with the weapons being overpowered. I mean, they are, but so are the countless other strategies we all recommend all the time here, like solo Dylan with 30x damage on the Gate or anything similar. That's all overpowered, but we never complain and always recommend.

The issue with the weapons is that they aren't overpowered enough for how long they take to get. You can get Bloody Patch + Dragon Rib + Power Bangle + whatever in ~4 fights before you have access to the weapons, which will take around 40 minutes with all that stuff. And nothing ever replaces those accessories, skills or sealstones. They're just as valid at the end of the Gate, where the weapons become obsolete.

So really why bother with the weapons? They take too long to get compared to anything and give no real advantage at that point, because you can already 1-hit kill anything with the stuff you have. They are just useless in practice, because there's nothing you can do with them that can't be done just as easily without them, with the stuff that you'll want to get anyway.
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User Info: triAce_Fanboy

9 years ago#5
That said, these are the fastest methods, better than the ones currently in my FAQ:

Use either Dylan or Lezard. Fight the Hydra:

For Dylan use:
Descaling Might and Fists of Iron skills. Add Training when you have CP to spare;
Sword Blessing, Experience Pig Law Sealstones;
Zweihander weapon, or at least Kraadicator;
Power Bangle, Bloody Patch accessories;
Other accessories can be anything that increase ATK (Great Eagle Heart, Dragon Rib, even Ram's Horn) depending on what you have;

Dash behind the Hydra and attack with Absolute Strike, Heavyweight. Eventually you can kill it with just Absolute Strike on the body (attack from the side instead of from behind). Use the Fairy Tinctures the Hydra drop to heal and keep enough HP for the Bloody Patch to work. Keep it around 20% if you're using the Dragon Rib too.

For Lezard:
Descaling Might and Overload or Mental Boost skills;
Trade Overload for Mental Boost + Training once you reach level ~30;
Fire Blessing, Experience Pig Law Sealstones;
Dragonlore weapon;
Magic Bangle, Dragon Scales, Monsters Canine Tooth;
Other accessory can be anything to increase MAG. Dragon Rib (best), Copper Coins;

Get him poisoned (it's Crawsus so...), dash behind the Hydra and spam Fire Storm. It should die in two. Once the Explosion reaches around 4500 damage you can cast Explosion instead for a 1-hit kill.

Lezard starts slower but eventually kills faster than Dylan. It's probably going to be faster overall because there's no need to access the menu to heal. Either method should take around 40 minutes to get the 4 characters from level 15 to 40/45.
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User Info: LightOfJudgment

9 years ago#6
The only character I recommend leveling is Lezard, since he leaves behind a very nice item if you get him to level 45. (The only one you'll find useful into the post-game)
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

9 years ago#7
Regardless if you're going to trade levels for choosing specific characters, I still have to say it's not right to marginalize levels so much by saying they don't matter. Clearly there's an asterisk to be found there.

...also 1-hit killing doesn't seem to generate the same kinds of items I get when going after specific body parts, but that's just an aside.
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User Info: coraje27

9 years ago#8
i didn't know that, but sort of, my friend told me that two characters were going to leave so i decide to train roland, alm and milindia or whatever her name is, well now that i know that, i need to train lezard and dylan i guess?

User Info: triAce_Fanboy

9 years ago#9
I still have to say it's not right to marginalize levels so much by saying they don't matter. Clearly there's an asterisk to be found there.

I agree.

i need to train lezard and dylan i guess?

No, you don't. There's no real point in doing it, but if you do want to, the characters are:

Arngrim and Leone (level 40 by the end of Chapter 3)
Dylan and Lezard (level 45 by the end of Chapter 4)

4 characters, so if you're going to level them you should use them together. However you only need to set up Dylan or Lezard, attacking with more than one character will not make it any faster.

The fastest way to do this is to fight the Hydra over and over (about 70 times) after you have cleared the final Chapter 3 dungeon, but before the Chapter ends. Use the strategies in my previous post depending on who you want to use.

Don't bother forcing yourself to use or level those characters before that, it won't make it any faster. You're free to use whoever you want of course, just saying there's no specific benefit to using them over other characters before that point.

But again, there's no real reason to do it.
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