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User Info: Aisha

5 years ago#41
RezardVales posted...
i don't recall about that in the storyline oO ?.
din't he just used to time machine in dipan ?

but if he destroyed it in the future in order to survire ragnarok, stupid logic wana say "he can get the stone form the past (vp2 line).

No, he did use the time machine in Dipan. I was just suggesting that the Philosopher's Stone taught him how to execute the finer details of his plan, like how to cast Sovereign's Rite, precisely when to go back in time, how to consume Odin's soul, how to use the legendary weapons, etc.

Why he didn't get the Philosopher's Stone again while in the past is a good question. Maybe it wasn't necessary, or maybe it was in a different location? (Or maybe the writers forgot.)

User Info: RaphaelBelmont

5 years ago#42
the philosopher stone as i know is created by using alchemy. as far as i know alone Lezard couldn't do it. or as Kouji already said, not necessary the effort.

what i think is: what if things got out of hand, like "oh noes this enemy is too strong i'll have to reveal my true powers in order to survive." but then again, he already knew the past, he knew Alicia and Rufus (by miracle) would reach Odin. By that time he would already have Silmeria's powers, thus the soul transfusion. his plan was archteted (spelling?) with perfection, he avoided getting in their path to Odin as long as he could.
"They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say 'Nice try!'"
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  3. OMG This game is AWESOME

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