Breaking Vital Parts & Healing

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User Info: DJCerium

5 years ago#1
So I've played through the game twice, though I'm by no means as versed in the system as a number of you are. That said, one thing that has both confused and frustrated me for years is some of the lack of information in the game that explains a few questions. The most pressing is that of vitals and healing.

A common enemy people on here seem to have problems with is Tiamat due to his healing and that most people can't one-shot or one-combo him. However, according to the part breaking system, I should be able to just slowly pick away at his middle head, or body segments and _eventually_ kill him, right?
Well... my experience seems to suggest otherwise. Last night I went through roughly 10 of his HP bars without once using an SC. During that time I broke every non-vital part off (only to see the heads regenerate every few minutes... grr...). This leads me to believe that when an enemy heals, damage done to vitals is also healed.

So, left without a definitive answer, I turn to the psychopaths who have grinded this game into dust and know everything about it. Do healing effects (spells, regeneration, etc.) also heal vital parts, or have I been giving up early?


User Info: Aisha

5 years ago#2
Going by your observations, I'm inclined to say yes.

On Normal difficulty, Tiamat's three vital parts (middle head, front body segment, and rear body segment) each have between 200000 to 280000 HP. Tiamat's Leader HP (i.e., the amount represented by the bar) is 480000. It wouldn't have been possible to go through multiple bars if the vital body parts weren't being healed.

User Info: RaphaelBelmont

5 years ago#3

ah, that was an old question of mine...years ago, solo'ing with Hrist, i did many tests in this game. I'd eventually come to realize that when an enemy used heal, even regaining full hp, their vitals only needed a few more hit points than usual to break(while farming piercing imprints, forgot the enemy name, found at the mine and water temple, yes my memory sucks). Parts broken i had noticed would be back by the REGENERATE effect at full hp (Gabriel). So my conclusion was that heal is divided between vitals, not working on breakable parts like armors and weapons, while regenerate (trolls) make parts come back at full HP. The regenerate skill works like the heal spell, same principle of percentage. so that's that. if an enemy has two vitals by example each part would receive 40% of the healing effect (heal 80% of max HP) if more keep dividing.

I'm like, 99% sure of this info, although as always, i MIGHT be wrong.
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