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User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#1
Alright, I just finished this game, and it DOES NOT SUCK. It is quite good actually. Just a bit confusing for the story itself, since till the end I still couldn't figure out who the little girl that stalk John is.

This is a very very very simple title page.....

Anyways, here is the first tip for the game play itself. A side from boss fight.

(A001)Your primary weapon is useless, I'm talking about your pistol. It is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Well, you do feel better with a pistol than nothing at all lol Anyways, when in game play. You are not MEANT to fight nightwalkers. Not yet. So search your every way AROUND them and make your way to your destination point. If you found no ways, then you're just not searching hard enough. And sometimes, your are suppose to run behind the night walkers to get pass them. But ofcourse, run from a safe distance, due to the fact the AI are set to "hear" your footsteps.

( This is my first FAQ, so it is going to be a bit messy on the content, so please forgive. I'm just writing out whatever that I discovered that might help the players )

There will be time that you can fill your blood lust. When you're given a shotgun. Then you know that's the time you can start killing. Since, well....You DO can use your M4 to kill a walker, but just that you need a very long distance, and a full clip. But anyways, the shotgun can kill a walker in one shot usually. It toke me 2 shots later in the game, not sure if the walker's health increased, or perhaps it's just me that my aiming is getting worse.

Another time that you can safely...Well, not safely, but a time that you CAN go on ahead and kill walkers are the time that your team mates tell you to, or when they are all, or well...When they are open firing. BUT!!!!!! DO NOT rely on your teammates firing, due to the fact that even you all use the same freaking gun, their damage deal to the walkers are extremely little.
+ Also DO NOT rely on your teammates to save your butt, because it is most likely they will get killed, OR you get killed and they do nothing.

User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#2
-Pistol ( Useless, COMPLETELY USELESS. I only use it to open boxes....Before I realise L2+R2 is kick. Yes, kick, your character can kick open boxes.....This is a major NEED, I'll tell you why later. )

-MP5 ( Not a bad gun, same clip size as M4, I find it....More powerful than M4?? I don't know... )

-M4 ( Not a bad weapon neither, but well...I really don't why they give you guns, when you can't really kill a walker smoothly with it.....Anyways, you DO CAN kill a walker when you have an extremly long distance between you and the walker, so you can shoot the crap out of it before it reaches you and kill you in seconds. )

-Shotgun ( OH YES! SHOTGUN!!!! A weapon that can kill a walker in ONE shot. Ofcourse, not a too far distance, or else it would be worse than a pistol lol Not much to mention, just aim, and fire away! )

-Sniper ( This gun is USELESS if you don't aim for the head. By the way, you can only use the sniper to kill a walker in the head WHILE they are still in their human form. If you missed, don't worry. They don't seem to be alert by that. But if you shoot other part of the body beside the head? Then I don't know, cause I either miss, or head shot. But well, if they notice you, then switch to shotgun and....Do the rest. If you don't have a shotgun? Then well....You can try using the M4 to clean it up before they reach you. Or.....You can just stand there and let them kill you then go continue and....Yea )

-Anti-Material Rifle ( Now this is a truly powerful sniper, but without the sound surpresser. This rifle have the same damage as the shotgun...Or more I think. Anyways, this gun's ammo is rare, so conserve it and use the sniper instead. But no worries, in the late stages, you will have PLENTY of ammos with this baby. They give you around.....200rounds? when you start? Yea. )

User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#3
(C001)Boss Guide.

Now finally got to the main theme....This faq started out as a simple boss guide, but I figured, hey what the hell. Just tell the players some tips and let them enjoy this game a little bit more rather than frustrating how to get pass walkers without dying.

- Edward
EASY BOSS!!!! No, really. EASY! All you got to do is....Well, you don't really just shoot him.
Ok, this is how it works.
When he is blowing shots at you with his shot gun, go behind one of those pillars and crouch and hide. Wait till he's done, run from pillars to pillars and get near him. Once you're close enough, come out and....Kinda, tempt him. You know, run around infront of him and such. Then he will start following you, now walk over the UV mine, and let him follow. He will eventually step on it, and that's the time when you pull our your shotgun and blow ONE shot at him. It doesn't really help by keep blowing shots at him....His HP doesn't really go down unless he steps on a mine and get stun.

No worries of running out of mines for him to step on, because Captain will throw you some more mines when you run out of it. Now, after he is dead....Well, you should kinda....Know what's going to happen, since Edward's body didn't really dissolve after you killed him.

Yes, when you make your way through the exit, he's gonna come back on you, this time....Well, really not much to say, just kill him for good.

-Black guy with purple vinyl suit
Sorry I forgot his name....Anyways, this boss fight is really easy...Acutally it was kinda fun, except for his annoying "evil" laugh....

Ok, when the boss try to charge you, well....Just shoot him with the M4, you should have plenty of ammos, so don't worry about conserving, just shoot. After you finish a clip, he should be making his retreat by jumping away, climbing away etc. Don't need to care about that, neither to worry about his health regen.

Now, just make your way to your destination point, activating those....Forklift kinda thing, and climb....And make your way to another forklift....And climb....Well, just keep repeating....And make your way to the end of this map. And the boss fight end shortly.

Assume that you made your way to the end of the map, now the boss won't run away from you anymore, instead, he will keep charging you. So do the same thing as before. Use your M4 and blow all your shots at him. Now, after a clip or half a clip, he will jump backwards. So well, reload if you're out....Or so, do what you gotta do. Just KEEP SHOOTING him, after he keep jumping backwards to avoid your shots, he will get to the END END of that map, where Captain will drop the....metal box or something, I forgot the name for that item. Anyways, the boss will get pin, and....Just go up, reload your gun, shot him in the head....>.> Yea, it's that easy. He dies in seconds....

User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#4
-Meg/ Maggert ( forgot how to spell...I'm bad with names ==" )
This boss fight is kinda....Test your sniping skill. Now, you might think this is VERY hard, due to the fact that she keeps jumping and running around, and by the time you got an aim on her, she jumps to another place.....Well.....

When the boss fight just start, run to your right.....Or well, just search for the search light and press O to use it. And, use to to spot the boss, that will stun her. Keeping her from attacking you and moving. So when you got a shot at her, leave the spot light RIGHT AWAY. And get your sniper ready and try to aim for the head, if you can't. Well, then just shoot her.

Keep repeating this, the boss will move to a point where your spot light is unable to shine at, due to...Well, it's mounted on the floor really... Just get the hell off your spot light and use it as a cover from the boss's sniping. Because ummm......One shot from her will take off half of your health...

Anyways, repeat shine, get away, snipe. And she will be dead soon enough.

-Last Prime ( Again, forgot his name )
This is....Well, let just say..This boss fight is not as easy as the earlier ones, but not too hard neither.

You have to fight him in a few forms? Not exactly that he transform, but well....
First form - He will say cycle of sun moon bla bla bla...Just give him a head shot to shut him up.
Then there will be walkers jump out and charge at you. Now, don't even bother to snipe. Just aim and shoot. It takes them down with one shoot, since you are given an anti-material rifle with LOTS of bullets.....
And...Repeat. Headshot, kill walkers that charge, headshot.....

Second form - Not much different, just that the two walls around him started to spin. It makes your sniping a bit harder, but well....Really, it's not that hard....Since you DO have a lot of ammo to waste....Same method as above to end this second form.

Third form/Last - Now this gets harder. But no more walkers charge at you. Good news? Yea, good news. He will start floating in the air, and shoot purple thingy at you. Dodge, really dodge, it can kill you pretty quick due to the fact you don't really have time to stop and heal.

Don't bother to snipe him down, just take out your aim, and try to hit him while you're running side ways. This takes timing, and.....Run-aim skills.

The way he moves is from side to side, but sometimes he just move closer to you on one side. Anyways, he will try to get close to you, and he WILL get close to you with time. When he reaches close enough, he will come down and do a.....Spin spin spin spin spin spin kick....Like.....Spinning kick.....Just run away from him to dodge it, I never got a hit from that spinning kick, so I don't know if that's dangerous...But well, you figure....Usually those kinda special moves are pretty much kill you instant style.
Now after you shed his health to quater of maybe just health>.> Didn't really count sorry. He will start to shot 3 purple ball thing at you rather than 2 at a time now. So well....Just keep dodging and shoot at the same time to try hit him.

After that he dies. yup.

User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#5
- Monique ( Last Boss )
Oh good lord...It is not that she's a hard boss to fight....It's just that.....Holy crap, how long does it take to kill her! You are given an anti-material rifle + pistol + UV Knife.
Ok, the pistol is once again useless....Since, your anti-material rifle only deals a tiny bit damage to her....And....You DO know the damage difference between a AMRifle and a pistol....Right?

Anyways, you don't have a time limit, so take your time on this one.
HUG the wall, and CROUCH AT ALL TIME.
Here's more specfic, not the wall WALL. But the four blocks in the middle stage. Crouch and hide behind it. She will jump from four corners to corners. And everytime, she lands in the middle of it, so basicly....After a while your aim will start to get better and aim easier. Again, DON'T SNIPE. It takes time for you to get to your scope and get out of it. And she is really quick, so don't bother. Or else you're gonna get her fly kick your arse, or freaking knifes stabs to your back.

Now, here's another tip. PAY ATTENTION to your radar.
When she jumps from corner to corner. She won't really stop, well, not from a brief time. But you DO can shoot her from the time she lands. Here's what my point is, it is not really avoidable from her attacks, unless you're like a super pro gamer.....Anyways, your health WILL get shed, and it's time for you to sit still and heal.
Now when you're healing, pay attention to the radar, cause it's easier that way than keeping a visual contact with her. When she just fly or jumps around, you can either be safe to follow her jumps and sit still when she's not moving to heal. Or you can just sit still no matter where she jumps, which...It is pretty dangerous....

Anyways during the time that you're healing, when you see her arrow in the radar pointing at you.... RUN LIKE HELL!!!! Don't even bother to heal, because, if you NEED to heal, that suppose to means you're on low health, or at a state that is not suitable to take more damage. When her arrow facing you, that means she will either fly kick down at you, or throw knifes. Listen to her screams to react.

+ Crouching from the four blocks can actually avoid all her attacks. Her fly kick will land on the top of that block, then she will just jumps away after she fails kicking your arse. And knifes she threw will be deflected by the blocks also. But.....You can't just hide forever, you really need to risk your neck and shoot her while she's jumping around...So yea, good luck with that.

When you shed her health to 1/10 you will find that her health wont go down anymore. Which, here's the hard part to do....Stand in the open area. If she throw knifes at you, well....Suppose you're at full health, it won't really kill you. So take it, and go hide and heal. After you're full health again, ready your weapon, go to the open area, and wait for her to fly kick you. And this you need to time it right.

YOU NEED TO SHOOT HER DOWN, when she's flying kick at you. That will end the first stage of boss fight....Yes, there's a second stage, that's why I said killing her is not a problem....The time that takes to kill her is.

User Info: VinceAC

7 years ago#6
- Second form
Now you expect her health to be a bit less, but no....Not really, her health bar is the same as before.
Full and long. Anyways, now she's on the ground, you'll get a better aim at her. So....Yea.
Keep your distance with her, so when she charges you, you can either blow 1 or 2 more shots at her, and get time to dodge.

And crouch and heal when you're low on heatlh. same way as before, but this time use the outside wall of those 4 blocks. the middle and the side will be occupied by her.

This time, it will be harder to keep a visual contact with her. So pay attention to your radar. Where she's going, what she's going to do and so.
Now, her throwing knifes attack doesn't do as much damage as her first form. Suppose that she's weaker now, after you blow like trillions of .50calibur rounds at her tiny little body......

Well, take the shot like a man, and shoot her back, go heal. Repeat, that's how I did it, since...I didn't really have the patient to wait her to finish throwing and chase her around to shoot her.....
You can take the throw knifes attack, but try not to take the charge attack, since it's really unesscary, and it deals much more damage than just knifes......

Well, I guess that's pretty much it. Just.....It's really not that hard on her second form.....So, go figure something out yourself alright??

User Info: shadowkiller11

7 years ago#7
Good guide, i myself also completed it but this might help me get As in some of the bosses
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