Preparations for King of Angolmois and Ragu O Ragula

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User Info: SilverScarCat

9 years ago#1
What do you guys suggest for equips (both mediums and Badges) for characters to take on these two power-houses? And who should take them on?

I've been using Avril and Chuck to buy items from the Black Market.

User Info: McDohl23

9 years ago#2
i suggest you should have 100% orange badge equip in the sea medium user so you can stand most of their powerful attacks and level your party to 90+ i thinks that enough to beat that 2 monster...

User Info: Onewinged_Angel

9 years ago#3
Heck, Orange is enough to beat any monster. For some extra fun, you should equip your main three with 100% Orange badges and then fight them. That'll make for an interesting battle.............but mostly insanely long.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

9 years ago#4
I had my Healer with the Orange Badge (and obviously the healing medium for revive).

As for the fighters you should have the best fighter (likely Dean) to AT LEAST have a Punching Bag badge so he will do Finest Arts when he gets a critical hit. Even better if you can have a Sheriff Star for one or both fighters but at least one Punching Bag.

I had one with the Sword Medium and the other with the Luck medium. Both of these mediums gives the fighter the skill to do a critical hit when you have 50 FP filled. Thus you can do a Finest Arts on command for big damage. If you can't it'll be a LONG battle, especially against Ragu.

Strangely, Angolmois was disappointingly weak. I found a few of the other pillar bosses to be much more trouble. Don't worry too much about him.


User Info: pekatchu

9 years ago#5
I defeated all pillar bosses and optional bosses!!!And this is the things that i would like you to know for the preparations of the two strong pillar bosses.
Use this three characters:Avril, Rebbecca and Dean!!
Dean's equipment: Twin Fenrir, Wonder Booster, Beast coat,King's crown, Punching Glove, Cat's Paw, Nose hero badge and Markman's badge!!!
Rebbecca's equipment: Pizzicato Pistol, Strongest Magazine (check on Splitinfinity's message), I don't actually remeber her dress but i think it is the dress that Kanon gave, Cat's Paw, Violator, Ryan's Shield, Marksman Badge and Might guy badge!!!
Avril's equipment: Absolute Zero, Soul of Lilithea, Robe of Filgaia, Night Princess badge, Hourglass, Violator, Laurel crown, dual cast!!!

Dean's medium: Sword medium
Rebbecca's medium: I don't actually remember this two but i remember her original skill,It's the one with shut out,reinforce, regenerate and etc.
Avril's medium: Sea medium!!!

User Info: Allen Tax

Allen Tax
9 years ago#6
Max level and decent set up. You don't need orange badge for Agi.

1 of the pillar bosses, you just need the hex lock and wind resistance.Rebby just needs good set up and over 5000 HP.Not hard.Haveing sherriff badge, 1 to each is enough.As then beserker badge for Greggy.Cat's Paw for Rebby.Carol..well hers is the easy, but be careful still.You could also use hex lock for Chuck too, to be safe ;)).
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User Info: McDohl23

9 years ago#7
for me 2x fur-fur is much more difficult than these 2 monster can fur2x really defeat even w/out orange badge just asking???

User Info: McDohl23

9 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: McDohl23

9 years ago#9
In my game the only pillar left is the 2x-furfur and my set-up is!!!

Dean-Luck medium; weapon-final nova;armor-red guard; badges-sheriff star;king's crown; berserker badge; speed queen; full carrot...

Avril-sword medium;weapon-soul of lilithea;armor-robe of filgaia;badges-sheriff star;dual cast;terrace tiara;sacred boy;violator...

Carol-sea medium; weapon-hob % nob; armor-mirage blazer; badges-sheriff star; terrace tiara;spike boots;night princess; 100% orange badge...

is my set-up good enough to defeat that 2xfur-fur?????

User Info: Hotel_Security

9 years ago#10
^As long as you have the 100% Orange Badge, you should still have no problem with the FurFurs. It just may take a while.

One thing I noticed is use someone who does high damage against flying enemies (I used Chuck). With Finest Arts, they do close to 30K damage. Not too shabby.

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