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User Info: markulous

9 years ago#1
What's the best configuration as far as upgrading ARMs and equipping mediums go?

I just went off of Persephones FAQ so I have:
Avril: Sky Medium, Upgrade magic first then attack
Rebbecca: Luck Medium, upgrade FP first then attack
Carol: Sea Medium, upgrade magic then attack
Dean: Sword Medium, upgrade attack then FP
Greg: Sky Medium, upgrade magic then attack
Chuck: Sword Medium, upgrade attack then FP

I'm not quite sure if I'm utilizing them the best so any help is appreciated.
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User Info: Andvareel

9 years ago#2
Since everyone can only equip 1 medium, there really isn't a lot to it. Each medium is basically a job class.

By nature, the physical characters get the better MAG upgrades to ARMs, while the magical characters get the better ATT upgrades. If you spam MAG, Greg will actually often be the best mage.

Moving on:

By special ability, Dean and Chuck are clearly the physical powerhouses. Rebecca and Avril are delayers... Greg is defensive, and Carol's extra range isn't terribly important.

Moving back:

I usually double up on sword medium and ditch sky medium completely... and then give one of each of the others. You can only use 3 at a time afterall, so I find that subbing for a new abilily set is more useful than subbing for a healed up character with the same abilities. So, I rather keep my access to mountain and moon.

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#3
i really like the Luck medium thanks to the RFX boost, FP Advantage, EXP boost (not to mention gella boost), and Sonic Vision (auto-critical for 50 FP)... oh and the ability to steal for those rare items. it also lets you slow down enemies. RFX boost + enemy slow = many more turns.

I basically kept Dean on the Luck Medium the whole game, and for random battles i never had problems when the other 2 active characters also had Luck. you really only need 2 Lucks for battle to start with 50 FP for an on-demand critical hit.
Sonic Vision is pretty broken in this game... it doesn't miss, and Dean does insane damage whenever he makes a critical hit. give Dean Punching Gloves for 100% Finest Arts on criticals and he's golden. King's Crown is really useful as well, of course... automatic critical on first attack (which also means no miss)? good-bye most enemies... give Dean Growth Egg since he'll be doing the most killing in the entire game which will level up everyone faster.
note: I have not found Sword Medium's "critical hits ignore enemy defense" skill + natural ATK boost doing that much more damage than just using Luck Medium.. not sure why though, because with his ATK at 999 and ignoring defense, he should always be doing way more than when he's using Luck and his atk isn't 999.

i do like to keep Carol and/or Greg with Sea Medium. Carol is probably the best choice to use with Sea Medium. she can camp anywhere and still attack and already has pretty good defenses (high RES and evasion), as well as good speed and his MAG for stronger healing. Violator can be used to build FP.

early in the game, Greg is physically stronger than the others and his magic isn't impressive-- you can make him more physically oriented in the beginning with Sword Medium or whatever. late in the game i think he just loses in terms of ATK growth, and his magic can be the strongest of your characters so he would be most effective with Sky medium.. but generally Sword spells are stronger than Sky so i just don't use him much except for Sea Medium if i want to have a second option for healers.

late in the game i find Avril is pretty effective with Sword for the Crush spells (boost her ARM's attack for a max bonus of +150 atk). she has poor accuracy so if you want her to actually attack, she needs to use a badge or medium that can boost it. i find she needs a lot of badges to make her more effective so i end up not being able to boost her accuracy and just focus on the Blast spells. Avrl is also slow so i don't bother to use her as a regular member.
if you want Avril to take advantage of her Double DP skill, boost her speed and accuracy (Marksman Badge = no miss) and give her Violator.

i like using Chuck because he is a decent hitter (doesn't have accuracy issues as poor as Avril) and has decent speed. you can sometimes take advantage of his Damage Up skill (low HP = more dmg), but he's still the second best single-hit attacker in the game when he has no bonus from the skill (full life) because his speed is better than Avril's. Chuck is very flexible... i'm sure the lesser-used mediums, Moon and Mountain, will suit him fine.

for Rebecca, i focus on speed. again, Luck boosts speed so i stick with that. i don't expect her to do that much damage, but Violator is great for her since it kicks in again whenever her personal skill Continuous Shot activates.... the damage really adds up although the animation is really slow (i tend to avoid giving more ppl Violator simply due to the slow repeated animations). at the same time, all her shots will build FP. she can be just as effective with Moon medium since it also offers the RFX bonus..

end game, my regulars are Dean, Chuck, and Rebecca all with Luck Mediums. when i run into a boss, i will switch out Rebecca or Chuck for a healer if i need one. i usually remove Rebecca simply because Violator makes her attacks take too much time... but she averages a little more damage than Chuck.

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#4
i haven't fought the super-bosses (ones that are fought with Duel Sign) so don't use my advice for those.... i can imagine giving someone Mountain Medium for Turn Shift would be useful in the super-boss battles... if you have enough FP, give Dean more turns! - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#5
so i took on Ragu @ lvl 100. i failed the first time and reconfigured..... it became pretty simple and i didn't have to switch characters. Dean, Avril, Rebecca. Rebecca had Moon which gave her a RFX boost (more turns) and Ley Change as a Force ability so I could make a Fire or Water spot appear to survive the Billion Degrees attacks. Rebecca used Violator to help delay Ragu and build FP. The other 2 use Sword + Dual Cast + Terrace Tiara and just blast spells and sometimes add Quicken or Hyper.

so you can setup pretty much any 3 lvl 100 characters to defeat him. all 3 characters used Sheriff's Star, Ryan's Shield, and Mist Cloak. - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#6
I had to go the 100% orange route to kill Ragu Ragula/Agol Moa and the Ape Vargon type boss easily even at lv 100 with 3x Sherrifs Stars on all.

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#7
i'm not going the 100% orange route because it's too much of a broken strategy.. - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#8
i took on the FurFurs with 2 Moon and 1 Sword medium. Dean had Moon, Sheriff Star, Ryan's Shield, Mist Cloak, Violator, and Omega (yeah kinda cheap, but with my strategy i didn't exactly need it; the strategy was sustainable), Rebecca had Moon, 2 Sheriff Stars, Ryan's Shield, Mist Cloak, and Violator. Avril had Sword, Sheriff, Ryan's Shield, Mist Cloak, Terrace Tiara, and Dual Cast.
although i lacked in good spells, the RFX bonus from Moon plus Violator came in handy to delay the enemy turns until it was timed so that i could use Invincible to negate the Lightning spell as well as some random attacks (sometimes i just did it instead of attacking when the enemies had their turns coming up).

i owned the bottom section of the battle field by using Replace first turn so that my characters were on Fire and the furfur was on Water. i had Dean and Rebecca occupy the space in front of the Water ley point so that the enemy stuck on Water and the other Furfur moved back and forth by the top. i beat down on the one over Water with Avril's Fire Blasts and regular attacks.

now i didn't realize this until i had killed one of the 2 furfurs, but i should have done it earlier... you can Ley Change so that the lower left element is Earth and the middle is Wind. that would have given me a huge damage advantage since Earth is the only element the furfur is "normal" against (strong vs all others), and Furfur B was stuck in the middle the entire fight--by changing it to Wind, i could have killed it extremely quickly.

after the first one was killed, i took advantage of Celesdue. i never used it before, and WOW... coulda been used on other super-bosses easily! the enemy never got another chance to act because all my hits kept delaying its turn further and further, and it took basically double-damage from everything. - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: KFCrispy

9 years ago#9
oh for upgrading ARMs, i started with upgrading ATK for everybody to handle random battles (and i barely used offensive magic.. healing magic is strong enough) and then FP. for the difficult optional bosses, the FP gain should be maxed and put remaining in ATK or MAG depending on how you use the character. FP gain is far more useful than having 30 more ATK considering the abilities you can call (Intrude, Celesdue, Equites, Sonic Vision, Invincible, etc) - Your Source for Suikoden
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