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User Info: ashphoenix77

9 years ago#1
I havent played this game in ages..but saw i still have it installed and am gona give it a shot agaibn..whats the best class for solo play..i know this isnt a solo playable game persay..but am not planning on grouping alot and want to have some fun solo
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User Info: Shadow1975

9 years ago#2
Anything can be used solo, as long as you take heroes/hench. If you want to actually play solo, as in no team mates to help you at all...... find a different game. Outside of farming, or specific quests/missions, you won't be able to play the game solo. If you don't want to play with real people, then why by a multiplayer game? Just pick the class you enjoy playing the most, and use hero/hench if you want to play by yourself.

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User Info: ashphoenix77

9 years ago#3
I just hate the touble of meeting up with people that are doing the same as guessing everyones a much higher lv ;_) since im only lv 2 now lol Im currently playing around with a messmer...then maybe pick an elemtist? that a decent choice?
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User Info: Revelade

9 years ago#4
Mesmer's are terrible at PvE compared to other classes. My theory is that PvE comes down to DPS. And those go to the Elementalist or the Assassin.

There's Monks, which are good for other players...

Not sure about the other classes, but I'd definitely go with a sin or a elementalist. I've gotten through the game much faster as a sin than a warrior.
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User Info: LokiISP

9 years ago#5
^Here comes the mesmer hate once again....LOL. I'd run down this "debate" again, but I'm just sick of it....

DPS is the key to PVE? Hardly. If that were the case, Wars would be the core damage dealers of every group, being the leading DPS-over-time class. The key to general PVE is smart teambuilds and aggro management/clumping that avoids overloading the group while reducing the number of targets needing healing and increasing the susceptabilty of targets to AOE attacks from backline casters.

This is also why most PUGs fail horribly..,..they are wholly unable to manage aggro as a team....or they have horrible builds.....and often both.
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User Info: Hugh Manatee

Hugh Manatee
9 years ago#6
^What's funny is that in PvE a mesmer should out DPS an ele... as soon as you get off the newbtorial island mobs get more armor and higher levels then you, making them more resistant to damage from ele's spells that are effected by armor, where mesmers get flat armor ignoring damage that only gets stronger the further you go, inversely as ele damage spells get weaker... in addition the mob's AI is resistant to ele's attacks(they scatter from AoE), but Mesmers can exploit AI, a target with empathy will always attack through it, a target with backfire will always cast through it. Eles are good too, but just don't count the mesmer out...

About soloing, assuming you mean no humans, just the henchmen, it doesn't matter, with the flags you can command a bunch of AIs to do what needs to get done, the only time they might not cut it is going for masters level completion in a certain late game mission where you're getting attacked from both sides. It's hard but doable.

If you have no acces to heroes(they come with NF and EotN), I'd say roll one of your slots as a support type, a restoration rit, a N/Rt, or monk. This way you practice propping up the fighters,( In factions, many areas only have 1 healer hench with a semi decent Rit, and they're not very good, while they do give you some other very good fighters and casters). let them fight for you, and if you decide to pug, you're an in demand class that should have an easy time getting any given group(people go nuts for human healers, especially in obscure outposts). Just do some research, practice pre-protection, "red bar go up" reflexes and you'll do ok.

If you just mean playing by yourself with no support, assassin hands down. With the recent buffs to Shadow Form in PvE you can maintain it 100%, and there's like a handful of skills that can stop it. You could run almost anything, and farm a whole lot of stuff. Second best solo class might be monk or ele depending on the area. E/Mes use earth magic to tank damage and kill, monks use superior(-75 HP) runes to get their health low and use Protective Spirit, Shielding Hands, Shield of Absorption and regen skills to be damn near unkillable(as long as you don't get rended interrupted or hit with lifesteal). The Vengeful was whathisname Warrior/Ritualist is popular too, you use warrior armor and damage reduction to tank damage and the vengeful pot to steal life and heal. There's also standard W/Mo farming builds:

^it's a good guide to the game, and the link there, pvxwiki has some decent starter ideas for builds you can run.
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