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User Info: Dragon239

6 years ago#1
Hey, I dunno if anybody here has seen this but I found a scenario editor on Koei forums...I looked at it briefly to make sure it worked at least somewhat, and it seems to be good! It requires .NET framework 2.0 which is easy enough to download if you don't have it already.

You can get the editor here:

Post in the link above

RTK11 Editor : Little gift for RTK11 's Fans
This program helps you explore the unique aspects of the game hidden & create characters, exciting new game scenario according to your liking.
Relax & fun
Picture All place your can work
New Update 23/4/2011 :Version 0.99
Fix all bugs was found & Add new edit Gate,Port, Items
Thank everyone who helped me find the error to complete this program !

Just be careful of what you are clicking when the program is starting, it seems to close if you don't press the buttons. It ain't perfect, but it works. You have to (obviously) load the scenarios located hereabouts:

C:\Program Files\Koei\RTKXI\Media\scenario

64-bit OS would go here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Koei\RTKXI\Media\scenario

This is new right >_>
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