LotR BfMe 2 DLC

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User Info: ImOnlyInsane

9 years ago#1
Ok so I have heard alot of diff things about this, could sombody give me a more in depth explanation on the maps and if they merit there price tag?
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User Info: Twix1138

9 years ago#2
don't get them. no one plays them (literely).

i have had the maps for almost a year and have only played them 1 time ever online.

grey mountains is like a snowy buckland, carn dum is a tiny square shaped map. Almost like a castle courtyard.
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User Info: RabidRabbit

9 years ago#3
Gather around children for a tale heroes and magic. A story with adventures so grand I have not the time nor words to tell of them. Basically new maps were released for aprox 800 points. I was like omfg i have to get them.Luckily i showed some restraing and did not purchase the maps. However about a week later the price was slashed in half and i was like wow I have to buy them now. Unfortunetly i was the only one who thought that. No on else bought the maps. The worst part is to add insult to injury about a few more week later they were FREE. NO one still got them. Then ea released two more map packs and me with my folly bought both. Having not leared my leason with first map pack. The leason hear is do not buy the maps. Even if you wanted them only one of the 3 map pack remain on live so you can't even buy all of them anymore

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