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User Info: Connor099

7 years ago#1

It is with much sadness that today we announce our intention to close the European and North American ArchLord game servers operated by Codemasters Online.

Our licence for ArchLord is due to expire shortly and unfortunately, after several weeks of negotiations with NHN, the Korean developers of the title, we have not been able to reach an agreement to renew the contract, therefore the service will be transitioning across to Webzen.

This means that Codemasters will no longer have the right to operate the service in the Western territories it currently provides service in and therefore we are obliged to shut down all associated game services before the licence expires.

The last full day of service will be 1st October, 2009. All ArchLord world servers will shut down on the morning of Friday 2nd October, UK time. Further details of how the transition of the service will be handled, will be provided closer to the time of the transition.

The purchase of credits is now no longer available to ensure all players have the opportunity to spend their remaining Chantra credits in game and use their remaining Chantra items. Likewise, the creation of new ArchLord game accounts/subscriptions is now disabled. For further information, please see our ArchLord Service Transition FAQ in the forums..

ArchLord was Codemasters Online's first free to play MMO service and we have been very proud of its development and success during its three years of existence. Over that time the service has gone from strength to strength and has one of the most passionate communities we've ever seen.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported ArchLord and those players that not only played it, but also raised an army and ruled the world in Chantra.
The Codemasters Online Team.

im sure the mass amount of farming bots are the only ones sad right now. finally this piece of crap gets what it deserves.

User Info: PsyAce

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: PsyAce

7 years ago#3
The current Codemasters service will end as of October 2nd, 2009 (GST time) .

For the continuing service to the current Codematers’ Archlord players,
Codemasters, NHNGames and Webzen are working very closely for the seamless transition of the Codemasters’ Archlord players Database information to Webzen’s Archlord service.

With Codemasters and NHNGames, Webzen will do its best to minimize any inconvenience of the Codemasters’ Archlord players in continuing and enjoying the Archlord service in, keeping in mind that the transition will be in the best interest of the Codemasters’ Archlord players.

For the detailed information about the transition
( i.g the date of service resume, the required steps guide and etc ),

Webzen Archlord support team will do its best to update you as soon as possible and
will post a comprehensive Transition FAQ on Archlord website shortly.

So, please, stay tuned to for the service news/announcements.


According to the ArchLord transition FAQ posted at Codemasters’ website, Webzen will be receiving all of the character data for the game, so players shouldn’t have to worry about losing their hard-earned gear or experience. As a precaution, Codemasters has shut down new account generation and the game’s cash store to ensure that there are no outstanding issues come October 1st.

I cant see the lines I used to think I could read between!!!

User Info: Andokool12

7 years ago#4
Actually I was kind of curious as to when this would happen.

Something good does come out of this, which would be the final leaving of confail and natael. Kind of worried as to what will happen with your gentlemen's lives after this, though. D:

I mean you were so addicted to hating that game you even checked it's news frequently. Reserve a bed in a psych hospital or something for safe measures.

Bye bye! :D


User Info: Luciferiel

7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Luciferiel

7 years ago#6
Victor, lrn2read.
Man, I hate them white knights...

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