How do I travel to the Americas?

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User Info: ng1294

9 years ago#1
Hi I just got this game some of you might have seen me on the Rome Total War Boards but anyway I saw the world map that came with my game and it had the New World in it and I built a fleet with a fairly large army and tried to go over there but it wouldn't let me. I'm now on turn 31 in my campaign if that helps anything. Anyways and I did the historical battle where you're the spaniards and you have to fight the Aztecs so I'm pretty sure you can go to Florida and South America and stuff. Anyways all help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

User Info: goodgodalready

9 years ago#2
The game won't allow you to go there for some time yet. I think it's turn 100 or 110 (I haven't played a campaign that long yet) and you'll get a "The world is round" video. Then you'll be able to build your large ships that can sail to the Americas.

User Info: doc_acc

9 years ago#3
Can't go until year 1400 and only certain boats can cross the ocean.

User Info: sirstupid

9 years ago#4
when you go, try to get there on line with ireland; otherwise you have to spend ages sailing around the cliffs to get there

User Info: ng1294

9 years ago#5
yup that was my plain is to go just straight out form ireland because the world map shows florida there and I want to travel to our own country before i go to south america

User Info: The_Great_h4x0r

9 years ago#6
Or buy Kingdoms and play the Americas Campaign? If you want a actually fun experience conquering the New World I would suggest buying Kingdoms.
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User Info: ng1294

9 years ago#7
Hmm I'll have to try and find that somewhere.

User Info: Abyssmal Fiend

Abyssmal Fiend
9 years ago#8
Eh, it's really not worth it unless there's a lull in the action. The provinces you can take without fighting the Aztecs are pretty meh. They're only good for coloring the map, to be honest. The Aztecs are nasty, but if you have an imba unit like the Ritters, you'll be fine.
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User Info: bhudspat

9 years ago#9

After you get the message that the world is round in like the year 1400 it unlocks the highest level of port allowing you to build the carrack, only the carrack can go to the new world, so you can't have any lesser boats in the fleet that you want to go to the new world

User Info: ng1294

9 years ago#10
Oh. Oh by the way is there anyway to play as Scotland without changing a bunch of files because I'm descended from them and I think they're cool. So the New World isn't that great in this game huh? Never expected that but I guess I'll make my own judgement I'm now on turn 105.
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