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User Info: CirenWitch

9 years ago#1
To quote the 'Cheats' section of Medieval II -

Use the console to enter the following

create_unit "settlement or character" "unit ID" "amount (1-5)" "experience (1-9)" "armor (1-3)" "weapon (1-3)"

Example -

create_unit "London" Longbowmen 2 9 3 3

^The above code will create 2 units of Longbowmen in London with 3 Gold Chevrons, Level 3 armor and Level 3 weapon


When entering something other than 'longbowmen' do you space the names? Such as 'Mailed Knights'. Or 'Mailed_knights' ? I've gone through a million ways to type it out and still get an error every time.

User Info: C3rno

9 years ago#2
Yep, keep spaces, but put quotes around the entire unit.

User Info: CirenWitch

9 years ago#3
So it'd be create_unit "London Mailed Knights" 2 9 3 3 ?

User Info: C3rno

9 years ago#4
No, it'd be more like create_unit London "Mailed Knights" 5 9 3 3

User Info: Ancient_Wind

9 years ago#5
Go here read and learn ..

-- for plumcrazy's unit,trait,ancillary list's & cheat codes + All Faction mod 1.1 & 1.2 versions of others

User Info: flashelleopopop

9 years ago#6
LOL even i know that and im 13

User Info: C3rno

9 years ago#7
^What does that matter?

User Info: bulldog66

9 years ago#8

its like this

create_unit "London" "Demi Lancers" 4 9 3 3

dont forget the spaces and words need capitals the above equation gets you Demi Lancers with 3 gold experience and weapons and armour upgrades

for a giggle type the word vindaloo ( lower case ) and you have rocket elephants which are the mutts nuts

add_population London 4000 increase population by you guessed it 4000

put a building in a queue and type

process_cq London

that builds the building for you tho you still pay

to get money type

add_money 40000

max you can get each time is 40000

these are good cheats but do tend to make the game far too easy and takes all the fun out of it

if you want to get the names to add units then go in to custom battles and find out what they are called

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