The Crusades

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User Info: DJ_MOTO

9 years ago#1
So i just got this game and recently asked about watchtowers, now my first time around i noticed i was not doing well and gave up on it. Now im starting over and am doing very well for myself, good size of army and my economy is alright (for now). A crusade has been called and I have some questions about it.

1. How do I join a crusade?

2. Will I actually have to fight battles over there?

3. Is it even worth it join a crusade?


(Also just plain out tips about the game are welcomed as well!)

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

9 years ago#2
I believe you need eight units with a family member to activate the, "Join Crusade" option. Your crusading army moves a lot faster to the destination though desertion can occur if you don't move fast enough.
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User Info: DJ_MOTO

9 years ago#3
Thank you, my man!

User Info: The_Great_h4x0r

9 years ago#4
To answer questions 2 and 3. Yes your armies stay like regular armies except they move faster, so you do still fight battles. It depends on what you mean as "worth it", it's a good opportunity to gain access to large amounts of mercenaries (resulting in a large boost in army size), and a good opportunity to capture more land (assuming you can hold onto it.
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User Info: C3rno

9 years ago#5
1. You need a general with seven more units in one stack to start a crusade. Click the hire mercenaries button while on the field and then click on the join crusade button. You will have done this correctly when you see the cross banner above your general's icon.

2. You'll, at the very least, have to besiege the target city, unless another faction gets there first of course.

3. It's very worth it to join a crusade. One, your family members will gain a whole ton of very nice chivalry traits as well as command. And you'll get quite a few good retinues as well. Two, any crusading army has zero upkeep. This in mind, you could just sack cities along the way (Take a city, sell everything, and leave), but you must do this quickly. You must be moving towards the general direction of the crusading target every turn or risk desertion. Also, once your general's in crusade mode, check the hire mercenaries scroll. You'll find a bunch of nice mercenaries that are extremely cheap to recruit. Take those along with you.

User Info: TRPGino

9 years ago#6
Even if you can't hold on to it: the money boost you get from sacking the city, the bonus both in money and experience for capturing the city, the money you save from not having to pay upkeep for a full army, the hardcore mercenary units you can get almost for free, the boost your crusading general gets in chivalry if he successfully completes the crusade, the improved relations with the Papal States, and the money you get if you sell the city back to whoever you captured it from, all make it more than worth your while.
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User Info: bulldog66

9 years ago#7

This is a good tip when you reach the targeted crusade city move ALL YOUR ARMIES out of cities and get them all to join the crusade then straight away take the city. If you win the battle the crusade is successful and every unit you put on the crusade gets a experience point boost not just the army that takes the city I have had close to 300 units pick up experience like this and as a result i go on loads of crusades to build the experience of my armies all over the map.


User Info: bulldog66

9 years ago#8
quick one for you Gino you can keep the city all you do is take the city then your general comes out of the city unjoins the crusade, then recruits a couple of merc units. Then leave the mercs rejoin the crusading army and press the join crusade icon he rejoins and you have a couple of freed up merc units to move into and keep the city. I took Ajaccio, cagliari, and rhodes using this method but you must have siege equipment to move take the city and move on or your troops will start to desert

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