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User Info: Dark_Mou

9 years ago#1
I want to know where is the papal state settlement (beside rome) , because i want to destroy this faction.

User Info: Revelations

9 years ago#2
Hi All,
Rome is their primary settlement, though occasionally they'll conquer nearby Italian ones (Milan is a key target).

You can't fully kill off the Papal States though, they'll always exist in some form (and can get provinces from other groups).
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User Info: Cooja

9 years ago#3
You can't destroy the Papal States, no matter how annoying they may be. If their last settlement is taking they will still exist. They will even dare to ask a catholic faction for a settlement in return for a few crosses on the reputation screen!

User Info: Dark_Mou

9 years ago#4
if this faction can't be destroy. How this faction can be playable on the grand campaign?

User Info: Liandro

9 years ago#5
It's not, ever, glitchy by using the desc.tr file, but anyhow, as the Byzantines, I've completely neutralized the Papal States by taking Prince John and then running him and a diplomat to take Rhodes, then on to Rome. Rome gets sacked, then with the diplomat I press for peace, then Alliance, trade rights, and then give them map info, and finally I give them Rhodes as a gift. Rhodes is a run down back water place with absolute crap, and to start off it's a the motte & bailey form of a castle, they have no money, never will, and can't even fund enough to make the most basic of settlement structures.

In 13 turns the Papal states are done pretty much for the rest of the game as an aggressor and all that's left are Crusades. It takes some fun out of the game, but mainly it's gets a pain in my ass, a serious pain in my ass out of the way. They have no real way to wage war, and all their stupid Popes will appear in this run down place, with no way to increase population no matter what you build it goes slow.

All that and they're my Outstanding allies... after that Florence falls easy to me, and I have a back door to Venice, Bologna, Genoa and Milan, Sicily and Naples are also at my mercy. Venice also seems to have stopped all their crap with me, because after 70 turns they still won't become agressive towards me, which lets me expand in the east without fear of spreading my forces thin.

User Info: Liandro

9 years ago#6
I just hit post and that was made up last night, late last night, and now re-reading it, I noticed all kinds of errors, sorry if it doesn't make sense in some areas, but I do know what I'm talking about.

User Info: ThePlunger369

9 years ago#7
if this faction can't be destroy. How this faction can be playable on the grand campaign?
you cant normally. However, if you tweak with the game, namely editing the list of playable factions to include the Papal States in the MWII folder, then you can play them.
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User Info: xARBITERx

9 years ago#8
medieval 2 total war --> data --> world --> maps --> campaign --> imperial campaign --> descr_strat. copy and paste papal states to playable
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User Info: quail717

9 years ago#9
i have heard (though i have never done this) that if you take all of the roman catholic states and then attack the papal states they will be destroyed because there is nowhere for them to go. i dont know how true it is but u might try that

User Info: jimjamjo

9 years ago#10
couldnt you conqour the world theoreticly (or just all the catholic states), if they couldnt ask thier allies for a home, what would they do?
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