How do you arrange marriages between people?

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  3. How do you arrange marriages between people?

User Info: ArthurArchon89

8 years ago#1


User Info: revoscloud

8 years ago#2

That's just mean dude.

Where's the love?

User Info: FallenAngel901

8 years ago#3
send one of your daughters to a foreign general and you can propose a marriage, i believe. I've haven't tried it because its too easy to just slaughter every living thing on the continent. make war not love you dirty hippie.

User Info: ThePlunger369

8 years ago#4
^that or...well what do you mean by arranging marriage because the entire game IS about arranged marriage. Even if you dont marry your princess to an enemy's general or faction heir/leader, you are still going to pair her up with some dude from your own faction. The only exception to this is of course if you never pair her up and she ended up being in a convent (resulting in her being all weepy for some reason. I guess princesses dont like becoming nuns.)

Ahem anywhosome, yes if you want to pair up your princess with an enemy general (or your own general), do the above. If you want to marry her to the enemy faction leader or heir, you can do it with a diplomat or her.
You think that Fortune changed in her relation to you; you are wrong. These are always her habits, this is always her nature. -Philosophy

User Info: Death Commander

Death Commander
8 years ago#5
I imagine they're all weepy because they never got to get laid.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
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  3. How do you arrange marriages between people?

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