Changing faction heir?

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User Info: q3demon4

8 years ago#1
Is it possible to change the faction hair on this game, i know it was possible on rome total war and i have just bought this game so im wondering if its possible and how.
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User Info: Sturmgeshcutz

8 years ago#2
I read somewhere that its not possible to change faction heirs since its hardcoded in the game and can't be modded.

could be wrong though.

User Info: Insanity_184

8 years ago#3
Ride your heir into an impoosible to win situation so he will die repeat as many times as needed...but no u cant choose, the only way even remotly possible is when the faction leader has a daughter and u have her marry a general if the current faction heir dies the married general will take his place (granted theres no other sons in the way but hell be colser)

If u think about it, it should be this way in those times the king was chosen by birth as divine mandate
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User Info: shottaker15

8 years ago#4
Nope, you can't change your Faction Heir

User Info: FatmanComplex

8 years ago#5

You might be able to, using the "give_trait" cheat;

"Trait Factionleader
Characters family
AntiTraits Factionheir

Level Faction_Leader
Description Faction_Leader_desc
EffectsDescription Faction_Leader_effects_desc
Threshold 1

Effect Authority 3
Effect PersonalSecurity 3
Effect Level 2

Trait Factionheir
Characters family
AntiTraits Exheir

Level Heir_Apparent
Description Heir_Apparent_desc
EffectsDescription Heir_Apparent_effects_desc
Threshold 1

Effect PersonalSecurity 2
Effect Level 1

What you will do is FIRSTLY, get the name of the current faction heir, and type this into the console:
give_trait "nameofcharacter" Factionheir -1

Then get the person you NOW want to be the heir, and type in:
give_trait "nameofcharacter" Factionheir 1


(Untested, but hey! It's there! :D)

User Info: Insanity_184

8 years ago#6
Wait ithe only problem i see with that is when you take away faction heir from one general, it will auto go to the next in line wouldnt it?
GT: Insanity184

User Info: FatmanComplex

8 years ago#7
I wouldn't think so until the end of the turn, as generally a death is randomly generated at the beginning of a new turn, if natural... And then that triggers the new leader to be give the Factionleader trait, and the new Heir to receive factionheir. So it shouldn't automatically reselect a new heir. In theory...
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