Explorers Guild?

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User Info: danthechan

7 years ago#1
ok, my next noob question. i was offered this for $1000 about 30 turns in. it was offered in a not too great city but i didn't want to risk passing it by. what does it do for me specifically and if i had passed would they offer it again soon in a different city? thanks.

User Info: zyxos

7 years ago#2

That guild is suppose to give a movement bonus to general/troops that stay/are trained in that city. But as soon as you put units that do not have that bonus, the all army will loose the bonus. The 3000 headquarter guild should open a lucrative trade rout with india, I got it once but didn't notice a substantial increase in trade in that city.

IMO the only guilds worth having are merchants, military (teutonic, hospitalier, swordsmith...) and one city with a theologian headquarter (your cardinal producing city). I don't use spy/assassin that much so I always pass on those guilds.

User Info: ofi123

7 years ago#3

I think it adds bonus for diplomats like merchants' guild bonus for merchants.

User Info: danthechan

7 years ago#4
looks like i wasted my money. its in a city that i don't plan on training troops in. i figured this first playthrough would be full of mistakes.

User Info: danthechan

7 years ago#5
if i was to train just slow troops there, like spearmen and archers, would they be able to join up with regular mounted troops and keep up?

User Info: zyxos

7 years ago#6

since the army go as fast as the slowest unit, then yes. But the extra movement rarely makes a difference IMO, so having a merchant guild instead seems a better option.

User Info: Insanity_184

7 years ago#7
The "bonus" is equal to the trait or acc. that give the the "forced march" ability....no i dont know what that means but u get about a couple inches extra movment...the problem, this bonus doesnt effect Siege weapons so if u use them u will always go as slow as the weapon...all in all its a useless guid...rember though if u dont like a guild u can destroy it by going to the city menu right clicking the building and picking to demolsh anthor guild will soon ask u for the spot...
GT: Insanity184

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