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User Info: The1Zuperman

7 years ago#1
Does anyone have a list of the Traits and Ancilleries that your generals and agents can acquire?

Just curious as I haven't found anything on the internet in my searching.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Insanity_184

7 years ago#2 sorry but did u check the faq tab on this site just asking
GT: Insanity184

User Info: Jobi987

7 years ago#3
I could just tell you a bunch of good traits and ancillaries that I use. I'll try to remember as best I can what each one does and give warnings as I go. Also, the number given on each trait represents the levels of each one (so NaturalMilitarySkill 2 should give 2 command stars, whereas NaturalMilitarySkill 1 only gives 1).

give_trait this ...

GoodAdministrator 3 (improves public order and grants a tax bonus)
GoodTrader 3
GoodMiner 3
GoodEngineer 3 (improves command via siege attack and gives Build Points for use during a siege)
GoodTaxman 3 (gives a 10% boost per level, but also lowers public order after the first level)
GoodFarmer 3
GoodBuilder 3 (lowers construction costs and grants bonuses to public health)
Intelligent 3 (improves trade income, tax income and command ability)
GoodCommander 5 (Improves Command by given amount)
Brave 5 (Improves authority and morale)
Energetic 5 (improves movement distance)
Loyal 3
BattleChivalry 5 (or BattleDread 5)
NaturalMilitarySkill 3
HaleAndHearty 3 (adds hitpoints to General and increases the chance of having kids)
Fertile 3 (increases the chance of having kids)
Upright 3 (increases loyalty and law)
RhetoricSkill 2 (increases Authority)
Xenophobia 3 (increases personal security)
LogisticalSkill 3 (increases movement distance and morale)
Stoic 3 (increases loyalty and bribe resistance)
Austere 3 (increases loyalty and bribe resistance and tax bonus)
Just 3 (increases chivalry and law)
Handsome 3 (increases authority)
InspiringSpeaker 3
Gregarious 3 ( improves morale and popularity)
Epicurean 3 (increases trade bonus)
PublicFaith 4 (piety increase)
TouchedByTheGods 3 (also increases piety)
Pragmatic 3 (increases morale and authority)
NightBattleCapable 1 (can fight at night)
Cultured 2 (authority bonus)
Horseracer 3 (increases movement distance, authority and cavalry command)
CounterSpy 3 (Increases public security)
AssassinCatcher 3 (increases private security and grants a chivalry boost)
Scout 3 (improves sight on campaign map)
BattleScarred 4 (improves hitpoints and gives a slight boost to authority)
Hates**** 3 (improves command against certain factions. replace "****" with faction name)
Genocide 3 (increases dread and looting gains)
WifeIsWise 3 (increases trade income, but only if the general is married!)
WifeIsFertile 3 (increases the chance of having children, if married)
WifeIsCharming 3 (increases popularity if married)

Up next, a handful of useful ancillaries....

User Info: Jobi987

7 years ago#4
Good Ancillaries:

Give_ancillary this ....
mentor (increases command)
bard (increases morale and command)
drillmaster (increases movement distance)
swordbearer (improves morale)
doctor (increases chance of having children and the chance of casualties recovering from wounds)
tutor (increases piety and trade)
armour_custom (increases hitpoints)
academic_advisor (5% trade bonus, 5% tax bonus)
actor (increases popularity)
alchemist (increases hitpoints and command of gunpowder units)
holy_lance (increases piety and command, I think)
holy_mantle (increases piety)
knight_chivalrous (increases chivalry etc)
knight_templar (same as above)
overseer (increases farm output, and small boosts to mining and construction)
slaver (15% trade boost)
spyglass (increases line of sight)
spymaster (increases public security, command and reduces agent training costs)
treasurer (tax and trade bonus)

There are plenty more, but these should help you out. I'm certain I have made a few mistakes or missed bits out and I find that some of the ancillaries don't work sometimes (e.g. the architect ancillary).

To remove traits or ancillaries, do the following:

remove_trait this magician_pagan
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