Windows 7 . . . Help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: firebird024

7 years ago#1

Hey guys,

I have a laptop that used to have Vista on it, then I upgraded it too Windows 7 Professional, Now when I try to play Medieval 2: Total War I get this message: "Medieval 2: Total War Encountered an Unspecified error and will now exit." Everytime.

I have tried, uninstalling it, reinstalling it, restarting my computer numerous times and still no luck.

So please can you guys take me step by step of how to make it work because I've been working on it for almost 8 hours straight trying to do some research and figure this thing out.

Thank you so much in advance,


User Info: King_ofshadows

7 years ago#2
Ok, from what I've seen, people get that when their computers don't have the specs to run it.

....So specs?
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User Info: firebird024

7 years ago#3

Well . . . It could have been the Specs. But somehow and I'm not even sure how this happened, a update came to my computer today, and somehow now Medieval 2: Total War works. So I think it was the update or something that made it work, but I still don't know why it works. But now I'm really happy with it so now it's time to play. :)

Thanks anyway guys :)

User Info: Mickeyminime

7 years ago#4
it took me 5-6 months to get the game to install on my updated pc. The disc sometimes said error or corrupted file on the 2nd disc. But only last week it actually installed with out any probs. The game worked, but when i installed the Expansion, the origional game didnt work, so i had to reinstall it :(, Shame i cant play the Expansion :(

User Info: midgiemelendez

7 years ago#5
Glad you fixed it. People might also get problems with their drivers on their video cards (e.g. referring back to specs :P)
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