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User Info: jellydaisy

8 years ago#1
This is a silly question I know.... but how do I get a refrigerator?

User Info: thedayea

8 years ago#2
buy one at the junk shop (where ann and micheal work)

User Info: jellydaisy

8 years ago#3
I keep going there but its never listed.. do i need to buy / own / doanything first before its listed?

User Info: KoopsParatroopa

8 years ago#4
Go into your house.
Press A in front of your diary.
Go to Furniture.
Look through everything until you find a fridge.
I like to eat furniture.

User Info: thedayea

8 years ago#5
your house needs to be upgraded for you to be able to buy a fridge.

User Info: Mothership1953

8 years ago#6
Koops is correct. You start out with a small refrigerator, but it's in storage until you access it through your diary's furniture option and place it in your house.

User Info: JellyBelly4114

8 years ago#7
how dare you take my name and transform it. jellydaisy my @$$!!!
"I'm not saying your opinion is incorrect, I'm just saying it's wrong." Stephen Colbert
hey. iv'e got your DNA right here! xxxxxxxxx

User Info: jellydaisy

7 years ago#8
Errr... i have used the nick Jellydaisy for lots of different sites for years......................

User Info: nintendogger

7 years ago#9
Ignore JB, she's the craziest person on this board.
"If I forget thee, O'Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning."

User Info: thedayea

7 years ago#10
^ naw, that title belongs to flip

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