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User Info: mattdog1000000

5 years ago#1
Am I the only one that is seriously annoyed by the grunts and noises the main (male) character makes when using tools and whatnot?

User Info: grannyplayer

5 years ago#2
None of the vocalizations uttered by any characters in this game are pleasing.

I can't say that I'm seriously annoyed by the grunts that my character makes, but I won't say I like them!!!

Rather than to include simpering sounds for females and grunting sounds for males, I wish the creators had left everyone mute -- reading their dialogue boxes would do just fine.

User Info: CatMuto

5 years ago#3
I only get annoyed if I have to use the Goddess Hammer repeatedly on the entire span of the Mountain Range and hear the Girl going "Hmmmmmm-HYA!!" over and over. The guy's voice was okay, but I dislike his boring attire more.

A woman always has the last word in an argument. Say something against it, you just started a new argument.

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