Cobars Spider Tank

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User Info: ohemgeeitskenny

8 years ago#1
Hello everything my dad has this game and he's been trying to kill this thing, and he's pretty good at it, I'd love to take the time to get good at this game but I have dental school, and I read the FAQ's my dad said he did that but it didn't work can someone please give me a good detailed outline or anything to help me with this?
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User Info: RandomBeast

8 years ago#2
The best tip I can give is to use the assault rifles and grenades on his machine gun and grenade launcher. Save the Rocket launcher for the missle pods so that you can get them down quick. They don't have as much health as the rest of the tank.

For the spider mines, make sure you give yourself enough room to move and a rapid fire weapon, otherwise they will likely chase you down. Also, when he fires his missles, keep moving until you are a safe distance away. Then there is a small window of opportunity between each round that you can use to chip away at his health. For grenades, keep moving. There are chances to shoot but only take these if you are 100% confident he can't hit you.

Hope this helps dude.

User Info: frankliber

8 years ago#3
see the thread "i need help against cobar chapter 3.4"
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