is it tau imbalance?

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User Info: doraemonllh1989

9 years ago#1
hi guys,i saw at the other forum,they say tau is imbalance,i am a tau user,but they didnt say how they imbalance,so is it they really imbalance,if so how?or they just bs?
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User Info: NejiWannabe

9 years ago#2
Their quite under-powered, actually.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

9 years ago#3
really?i like tau very much cuz i like their beam;)
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User Info: Nibblets_Curse

9 years ago#4
There same as the other races after the patch. only the race that is under powered is the IG and the over powered is flayed ones necron rush.
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User Info: NejiWannabe

9 years ago#5
I love the Tau aswell, but everyone says their under-powered.
I rarely lose with them, though, >.>
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User Info: tekmet

9 years ago#6
You know how people said IG were underpowered at first? but there were various people (myself included) that had more than a few consecutive victories with those mean things? :D

Ballance isn`t the main isue if someone in the match is better at the game.

I`m sure even if today`s IG there are people that have a decent number of victories.

It`s all about how well you play your game and how good of a fight your oponent puts up ;)

For example, in the early days very very very few people could beat a hardy grenade rush :)

Just because they weren`t expecting it.

And it was soo simple to achive! Just a tactica control and a gen or two and 3 gm squads, grenades at first, reinforce after that.

You pretty much outranged everything. and stunned (ok, knocked down) everything else :D

On small maps i`d just park on the outskirts of my oponent`s base and kill everything while shifting attention every now and then do build the infantry command so i could bring more troops or go to t2 to get commissars to finish the game faster.

Only serious weakness was Tau (but he had to know i`d rush). Vespid + stealth suits + jump = dead guardsman :D

But again, he had to know :P otherwise that would be a horrible waste of points that would cause him the game in the long run :D

Sorry, got carried away.

My opinion on Tau? No, they`re not overpowered.

Flayed Ones taking down half an eldar`s base before he can return to kill those things with reapers, that`s a bit unfair.

Now, FO on their own aren`t overpowered, GM and reapers and firewarriors take them out.

Adding a lord that teleports right in the middle of the enemy`s troops or wraiths to corner them into a trap, that makes everything worse.

User Info: RAYClovis

9 years ago#7
Tau, not overpowered? Please. They have the most devastating T1 there is beside Necron.

They have the most cost-effective rushing tactic among the entire races and more than capable units to support it. Vespid and TC together, alone, are more than capable of killing your builders and destroying your LPs before you can react to them. Even if you manage to reach them at an LP, they'd simply jump right to another, and forces you to run around in circles while Stealthsuits jump in and decap your unprotected points relentlessly. By then, they've clearly established an economical advantage and if you don't kill them fast enough, it's only going to snowball from there.

Got an army of ranged units to deal with them? Send Kroots, although FWs alone outranges and outdamages a lot of the T1 units. Got an army of melee units to chase after them? You're only getting yourself danced to death. And they do it very damn well against several races such as SM, CSM, IG, and Eldar. Orks fair better, but not that much from the other races.

Really, it takes the major imbalance that is Necron's economy to render Tau useless at what they do best: Disrupting your economy early on and finish you up.

Needless to say, I'm an Eldar player, which has many of its strengths matched or surpassed by Tau tactics. TC can consistently beat FS and renders FoF useless with some well-planned snares. Vespids can freely jump away from FS' spells, chases Rangers to hell and back, and still destroy econ easily, especially generators when you factor in the fact that Eldar has the most expensive generators. Kroots chases Reapers. FW outranges and outdamages Reapers.

It takes a superior micro for Eldar to beat Tau, but then again, a lot races need superior micro to beat Tau in T1.

Because when you've hit T2, Tau begin to soften.
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User Info: tekmet

9 years ago#8
don`t talk about *superior* micro.

since a rush with 2 units isn`t really that great of a feat to pull.

any decent eldar player should be able to combat that.

Guard too, actually.

Honestly? I`d just charge your base and see who does better in the wrong run.

Most likely me as my rushig force can also cap points, unlike yours.

Maybe if you`d have added stealth suits to the mix :D

They`re quite annoying, i`ll give you that, but they`re not game winning.
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User Info: RAYClovis

9 years ago#9
Two units isn't a lot to manage. It makes the rush very player-friendly for whoever's playing the Tau. And sure, you can rush, but honestly, how many races has the ability to tear down LPs as fast as Vespids without relying on heroes in T1, or even with only one squad? Let's not mention that Vespids/TC are far more than capable of jumping back into base to defense once they're done tearing down your LPs.

In the sense of rushing Tau, Guards have it easier, since a fully reinforced CS has the best total AB among the commanders, and their builders can hide. Most races, however, like Chaos or SM don't have the luxury of being able to rush and deal as much damage. Heck, SM would have to overinvest just to hunt down stealthsuits. Eldar might be able to counter rush with Guardians and actually hunt Stealthsuits, but the problem is that once the Kroots or LPs are up, they'll have a hard time making a dent on the Tau's econ even with FS. Yes, a decent Eldar can stop a Vespid Rush, but it's not as simple as a matter of being 'decent' if the other player is at equal skills.
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User Info: blackpaladin05

9 years ago#10
Tau hits really hard T1. I'd put them at one of top 2 tier 1s, the other being Necron or Eldar depending on army composition.

But without the Shred insta-gen kill imbalance, they're much easier to fight off. Without the imba 1.1 Fire Warriors from hell this is much more possible.

Then you hit them in T2 where it counts. Zerk/Sorc and a Horror squad are pretty much all that are required to crush Tau T2. Or perhaps Harlequins who devastate tau gunlines, or Chimera spam with more armor than the 1-2 broadsides that Tau cap allows can handle.

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