WTF is wrong with number 4???

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User Info: ruby_sauce

9 years ago#1
whenever I try to write 4, it just says 9!
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User Info: Auronthelegend

9 years ago#2
Try drawing it like an inverted "h".

User Info: snot2

9 years ago#3
9 turns into 4 when i do it
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User Info: lesarch

9 years ago#4
my K turns into an x
my 8 becomes a 2.

It's normal :P just draw it smoothly.

User Info: ruby_sauce

9 years ago#5
I don't have time to do it smoothly
some people say cucumbers taste better pickled

User Info: Flaming_Lemur

9 years ago#6
I do. I do it smoothly all night long.
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User Info: Canieo

9 years ago#7
That's what she said.
Something about something or other

User Info: Mental__Piracy

9 years ago#8
Oh snap.
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User Info: mookiemeister

9 years ago#9
I use to write 4 with 2 strokes and had some problem with it not recognizing my 4. Now I do a single stroke 4 and it seems to like it a lot better. Much less errors.

User Info: Interloper

9 years ago#10
Yeah my 4's are all jacked up
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