WTF is wrong with number 4???

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User Info: rgc19

9 years ago#11
Though I get by with my fours, I have a lot of problems with number/letter recognition, probably because I never bothered to learn the proper way to write them. 5s, Es, and K's are a particular problem for me. I would be so much faster if I didn't have to alxays rewrite them.

User Info: AlexFili

9 years ago#12
I had trouble with this too. Seems like its fixed in More Brain Training.

The trick is to draw a straight line, and then turn it into a 4, but dont let the diagonal connect;

Step 1)


Step 2)

add /_ to it, but dont make the diagonal connect with the top of the first line.

So it looks like;


User Info: WarPig137

9 years ago#13
Yeah, I love this game sooo much I changed the way I write the number "4"
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User Info: g-cube_masta

9 years ago#14
hehe I found ways where I write the letter or number completely wrong but it recognizes it correctly so I just memorise it that way.
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User Info: LaughingLuigi

9 years ago#15
My game likes me. Whenever I write something, it works perfectly, and if I write something wrong, say a 3, it turns it to 5 and is right... My game is biased.
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User Info: HuManBing

9 years ago#16
No wonder you're laughing, Luigi.
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