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User Info: MegaPoke2

9 years ago#11
Ah, just had my little brother try it, and from what I heard, he was putting too much emphasis on the -ue part of blue. When he said it while shortening the -ue part, it registers fine. o_o ... Thought I should try sharing this info. ._.;
SwordNamed Truth, AKA Locke Trufeld

User Info: destroyerBEACON

9 years ago#12
Yeah, I had this problem for a while too. Then I got annoyed and blew into the microphone for a while. Here's what Ol' Blockhead told me:

"It seems that my machinery cannot pick up your voice! Try speaking in a normal tone from a foot away from the Nintendo DS. Try not to breathe directly on the Mic or use it in a windy place."

So, I held the DS about a foot away, and it hasn't misheard my voice since. Before, I was only a few inches from the the mic.
destroyerBEACON (#133800)

User Info: janlukky

9 years ago#13

i too got she same problem it works best when we talk normally and clearly, too loud and the system won't regester

User Info: gorath44000

9 years ago#14
Speak with a yank accent and it registers every time. My Australian pronunciation of various numbers and colours is no match for Brain Ages refusal to pick up anything I dont say in an American accent.

User Info: EelEater

9 years ago#15
Hey. You're the one with the accent. Crazy koala-loving foreigner.
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User Info: HuManBing

9 years ago#16
What's crazy about loving koalas? Everybody loves koalas.
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User Info: sonic3333333

9 years ago#17
i dont.
Um... Whats a koala?
Back on topic:
If you have so much trouble with it recognizing your Blue, just tell him you cant speak!
I like milk.
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User Info: melloman200

9 years ago#18
every time i say blue it will say try again tryagain try again try again
after a couple times of screaming it it seams to go in! : )

User Info: Matt27689

9 years ago#19
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: azngrlfantasy

9 years ago#20
i have the same problem. i was saying blue in a monotone type of voice but it said try again. so this is wat happened "blue, Try Again, blue, Try Again, blue, Try Again, bleep u" then it finally moved on ^^

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