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User Info: xxXBlahXxx

10 years ago#1
Here are the mods I've used so far, they all are good and make the game that much more enjoyable. To install just extract to your RE4 folder. If its a Ogg then its also on the installation folder and not on the Xfile. Too see the screenshots just check the links, all mods linked have screenshots for you to compare.

Texture Enhancer/Replacers

Albert's Improved Textures(Changes all the textures in the game with better looking ones, best texture mod so far but quite large at almost one gig):

Laser Tweak(allows you to tweak the laser)

Trainer(cheat program)

Adding Rumble for RE4:
Touchware gaming(This program adds rumble for older joypads such as saitek and older logitech devices based on sounds, works even on snes emulators and such. doesn't work for 360 however =()

Mouse Aim Mod:

Weapon Re-textures

High Resolution & Custom Switchblades

melee Model Weapon Pack:(you can have chainsaws, swords, scythes and guitars as weapons, haven't tried it myself but looks cool)

Leon/Ada/Ashley Re skins and clothes:
Shame that you can only have one at a time for any given character as they all look awesome:


High-res Leon:

Racoon Police department Uniform:

Dark Leon(adds beard to Leon as well as dark clothes, pretty cool looking):

Enhanced Hair for Ada:

Villager Re-skins:

Manky villagers: Improved villager textures and Villagers have blood on them

improved paperbag for the chainsaw guy:

High Res Villager and Bosses(Adds high res villagers with different colored clothes and improved boss textures, also changes the clothes of Ashley and Leon and already has improded hair texture, all for the best IMO, you can always put another mod to overwrite if you are not satisfied):

Keyboard Button replacer:
Obviously only use them if you have the corresponding gamepad

Better Looking Keyboard Button

PS2 Button:

Xbox360 Button Replacer:

Sound Mods
**To Install these extract them on your RE directory, not your Xfile

Better Gunshot Sound(replaces the gun sounds):

Better Default Sounds:enhances the default sounds)

User Info: Majin_vegeta_

10 years ago#2
Nice topic

:D bum p
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User Info: ViperSnake

10 years ago#3
Haha, you haven't tried the Melee pack because I haven't released it yet. :P I'll try to get out a version of it before this friday, as I'm going on vacation for a whole week.

User Info: eustrposponylus

10 years ago#4
I've seen a mod that changes Ashley's special costume 1 into something ..... you know what lol.

where can i get that?

User Info: dat1337vet

10 years ago#5
great post
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User Info: STO-109

10 years ago#6
MAN!!! ALL OF THOSE MODS JUST TO MAKE THE GAME ACCEPTABLE...but hey do what you gotta do.
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User Info: ClawMonkay

10 years ago#7
here ya go:

wiimote for pc. and no I haven't tried it but it looks ok. personally i don't like the wii much miself

User Info: TwistedCoCo

10 years ago#8
This topic should be stickied'
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User Info: Terransheep

10 years ago#9
Out of so many mods, I only kept the villager skin... I tried some too. --___--

the new gun sounds is bad, but the rifle is the only one that's good. Other gun's sounds are worse then the default ones. Pistal sounds too fake so is SMG. How can guns like that sound like AK47?

I tried the laser color... the dot shown on enemies is still the same so it doesn't look so great if I go with a green light and then it's a red dot...? --__-- Anyways, good work to those programmers, I'm sure they put quite a lot of time into these.

User Info: notsafeforwork

10 years ago#10
Hey! I'll have you know alot of work went into my soundpack, and the sounds aren't fake.... *sniff*.... OFFENDED
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