Any way to get better damn controls without gamepad?

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User Info: mullock

8 years ago#1

So this is irritating....the controls for this version essentially suck, and I still feel somewhat swindled by capcom despite the fact the game also came with Dark Messiah for a mere 25 dollars :P But alas, Im drifiting off topic.

I do not have a gamepad, but have a ps3. I have heard of a system called xpadder ( that can map keyboard buttons to a standard ps3 controller, but I do not know if this will work due to the games lazy lack of mouse support.

Essentially, I am asking what you folks use to control your game? A gamepad? Mouse patch? Or anything else, I really just want it to control better and figured I would ask what solutions everyone here has come up with to give me a better idea what to do myself.

User Info: AnnihilatorSol

8 years ago#2
I use the keyboard.. (WSAD , JKL Spacebar) type of setup..

The aiming is really sucky even on the PS2 and GC.. Only the wii has pro snipe aiming..
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User Info: KAOS1thebib62

8 years ago#3
If you have a ps3 controller, just hook it up to your pc.
Then configure RE4 so the control type is controller instead of keyboard (where you can change the resolution of the game)
After that is done download this:

That is a ps2 picture pack, it replaces the numbers you see when you need to tap a certain button.
Heres a pic of it:

Just in case you dont like the button setup the game does for you, you can use xpadder, but keep in mind that the picture pack wont show the correct buttons to press if you do decide to change the button layout
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User Info: Ashok

8 years ago#4

Download the Wii emulator Dolphin, and use it to emulate Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. Dolphin can emulate the Wiimote virtually flawlessly with the mouse. It feels 300% more natural than the PC version imho. I just beat the game in Dolphin using WSAD as the nunchuck and the mouse as the Wiimote for aiming. Felt like a PC game.

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  3. Any way to get better damn controls without gamepad?

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