OMFG... the driving!

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User Info: jimbo913

7 years ago#1
Okay, finished this game last year and decided to pick it back up to fill some time before WfC came out. I figured I would tackle some of the missing achievements.

I now remember why I quit playing immediately after the campaign. The f'ing driving is horrendous. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Doing those eliminate 4 cars in 5 minutes should be easy. But they are about 200 times more frustrating than they need to be.

Targets wont lock. Targets wont work at all if driving up or down a hill. 360 degree slides around corners. 90 degree turns at the slightest movement at times, no turning at all other times. Boxes in the street can stop you dead. The difference in speed from just driving to turbo is nominal at best. It must take 15 missles to take down a SUV. 15 f'in missles for one f'in car!

Everything else is in the game is passable, but driving missions are fundamentally broken.

Out of the hundreds of games I have played in my life, the driving makes this the worst game I have ever played (with Superman xbox360 being a close 2nd due to redundancy and being so boring), and that includes Superman 64 and E.T. for Atari.
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