I hate the papal state (Roma)

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User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#1

So basically I have destroyed most of europe with france, I have land on every single continent and basically I have become the world superpower, I am producing an unstoppable amount of troops and its just a matter of time (a long time) before I take over the whole world.

But One thing is bugging the hell out of me. And that thing is Roma, I have annexed them but they always ask to be given the state back for religious reasons, now I decline most of the time but it comes up so often and everytime I decline I lose prestige and reputation. So I decided to give them the state back to shut em up and then after a while the declared war on me! So I annexed the sneaky b*stards again and this time forced them into vassalation. Low and behold about 2 years later they declare war on me again! So I annexed them and left it at that.

Now Im losing a huge amount of prestige, the reputation I dont care about since Im already hated by the entire world but they demand a seperate state so often I lose presitge too quickly. I usually make the pretige back up solely by the amount of battles i am in but thats besides the point.

Is there any solution to this? Gosh I wish there was an option to send my soldiers in and exterminate those whiny backstabbers.

User Info: link1250

9 years ago#2
a) Update to a more recent patch

b) EU3 is not intended to be a conquer-the-world type of game.
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User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#3

I know its not supposed to be a conquer the world type of game but I do believe I have a good chance of taking over the world.

So does the patch eliminate the constant Papal state demands?

User Info: ahab26

9 years ago#4
I think it happens once after the patch. I'm not sure about it but you could also try changing your religion to protestant.
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User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#5
thats a good idea, although Ive kept my stability at +3 for a long long time now and I still get revolts everywhere, thats not a problem as I have a lot of spare armies to stop them but how bad will it get if my stability drops a lot?

User Info: DragonAtma

9 years ago#6
Each point that your stability drops will increase revolts by 1%.

Also, the pope was only supposed to ask to be given Rome back once. Due to a bug, however, that event keeps firing every couple of months.
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User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#7
cheers for the answer mate, looks like Im changing religion then :D

User Info: darkarbiter2

9 years ago#8
Well Dragon thats not quite how it works.

Revolt risk:
Nationalism (after you take a province via a peace deal): 9% extra revolt risk... gradually goes down to 0 by about 20 or so years. This cannot be reduced by anything so this is effectively minimum revolt risk. This does add with the other negatives though. So for instance if you have 9% nationalism, 5% extra revolt from other modifiers and 3 stability you'll get 11% revolt risk total.
War exhaustion: Up to 8% extra revolt risk(war taxes increases this by 2 to 10)... can be reduced by the normal stuff. This gradually goes up in war and gradually goes down when your not in a war.
3 stability: 3 less revolt risk
2 stability: 2 less revolt risk
1 stability: 1 less revolt risk
0 stability: no effect
-1 stability: 2 more revolt risk
-2 stability: 4 more revolt risk
-3 stability: 6 more revolt risk
Non accepted culture/same culture group(same thing for revolt risk... treated differently for tax reduction): 1 more revolt risk
Same religion group: 1 more revolt risk
Different religion group: 1 more revolt risk
Tolerance: from 5 less revolt risk to 5 extra revolt risk.
Ideas/governments/espionage may also reduce/incrase revolt risk.

User Info: gundamez8custom

9 years ago#9
go to the define folder and add a zero to the max badboy limit line and you should have less problem.
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