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User Info: Markir

9 years ago#1
Well, the topic says it all. The game itself runs fine - once it loads.

And it takes insanely long to load (20+ minutes for the main loading, and 30 or more for the individual saved games). I never had this problem before, but its started creeping up after I just reinstalled the game, and I can't seem to find a reason for it.

If it helps, I'm running the Imperia et Divide v1.2b for NA, though it happens with them -all-, and it hangs up on the Mapping Borders and Map Initialization Complete steps for the main menu load thing, and at Load Cities for the other.

Previously, it was very quick, 3-4 minutes for the title load, and maybe 30 seconds for the individual saved games. I can't figure what the matter is since nothing's changed hardware-wise, and if anything these days I've actually freed up hard drive space significantly (15 gigs then vs 30 gigs now).

User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#2

Same thing is happening to me wierdly enough, only started happening about 3 days ago, this was about the time I got a virus aswell, currently downloading AVG virus detector to try and get rid of it.

Check you task manager and see if explorer.exe is taking up abnormal amounts of memory and also check how many rundll32.exe files are running.

Anyway I try and load up and it stalls for ages at the "creating borders" bit. couldnt be arsed to wait longer then 20 minutes to see if it would fully load though.

I'll let you know if getting rid of the virus works

User Info: chip2004uk

9 years ago#3
Hi I dont knowif you found a solution yet but I tried something today. Basically Ive had a virus for the past couple of weeks that I cant get rid of, anyway everytime I load up EU3 the intro using Bink video comes up, Im pretty sure that once this intro video comes on the virus is somehow activated as a quick look in my task manager showed I had multiple instances of rundll32.exe running, and I mean like 25 of them. So of course EU 3 stops loading once again at the creating borders part so I exit it, and then kill all the rundll32.exe processes and restart EU3. This time it has loaded perfectly! About to play it for the first time in a while.

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