co-op 2 player split screen

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User Info: sailormacross

8 years ago#1
is that in this game. i saw a pic of the game at gamespot that looked like it had a split screen. but i heard maybe it won't. anyone know more sure. thank you
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User Info: greedygoblin

8 years ago#2
well the first one didnt but idk this really isnt anything like the first fear.
check out the game info on gamespot orrrrrrr the game website.
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User Info: tiamat8917

8 years ago#3
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User Info: S0mEGuY12

8 years ago#4
Wtf...? Last time i checked it said there was co-op...hmm...

User Info: majorm

8 years ago#5


That's pretty emphatic. How do you know? Where have you seen that for sure? They've been pretty mum on this it seems and a lot of people are wondering.
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