Who do you play with?

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User Info: AsNotSeenOnTV

9 years ago#1
I was wondering which NFL team do you play with on Madden 07? I play with the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite team in the NFL. So how about you?

User Info: dinobot6x

9 years ago#2
miami dolphins
or i move them to LA as the dragons

User Info: jayman2443

9 years ago#3
Titans, but moved Vince Young to #1 QB and traded away Volek for a high first round pick, and traded Henry for a high 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick and used Lendall White as #1 RB, half-way through second season and Young is a 98 overall and White is a 87 overall, went 19-0 in year 1 and currently 8-0 in year 2.

User Info: randomfan234

9 years ago#4
stop playing on Pro difficulty Jayman.....

User Info: jayman2443

9 years ago#5
The last time i played on pro difficulty was the first time i ever played a madden game back in '04. I just played the Texans on All-Pro and won 108-0 then beat the Jags 71-14, using 5 minute quarters.

User Info: SonRuck

9 years ago#6
The Bills, son. Peerless Price, Robert Royal and Willis McGahee are so much better in this game than real life...

User Info: Mark86h

9 years ago#7
Not changing sig until the Seahawks win the Super Bowl

User Info: nintendogoalie

9 years ago#8
You won't be waiting long mark. Seahawks rock.

User Info: therajpatel

9 years ago#9
EAGLES yeah baby brian dawkins and a whole bunch of great players
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