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User Info: borcic0

9 years ago#1
I dont know how to do it, i read the faqs it says hold run then release it...ive tried that 100 times i cant do help please?

User Info: sonicteam2k1

9 years ago#2
hold run, then tap down, down, then release run
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User Info: ssdiablomg

9 years ago#3
its 3 downs.

User Info: Farlander

9 years ago#4
You have to do this in the third round, first of all. Secondly, stand far away from your opponent. Lastly, hold run, and press down, down, down, down and release run. I think you only need two downs, but you do need to hold run for a while, and I've found that doing four downs is a good timing.

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