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User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#1
First off this game doesnt suck... it may be extremely difficult and hard at times but its very rewarding.

If your a fan of the series/movies youll love this game... it plays out like a simpsons game with weird quests and obsticles to over come. You play as stewie, brian, peter and alternate between scenes. When your playing as stewie you have to shoot your way out of things and climb certain obsticles. When you play as peter you get to perform random acts of violence on people trying to find mr belvedere. When your playing as brian you have to be very stealth and find evidence to figure out whos the daddy.

theres been times playing this game ive laughed my brains out... aka chunky cheese with mr belvedere invading the end.

Quagmire impregnating the dog
and well stewie doesnt have too many laughs...

the later missions can be a real pain in the butt as you will die often.. taking breaks while playing this game can get your motivation up to beat it.

At the end you will have to shoot down stewies nemesis and save peter from going retarded
All in all a very fun game if you understand the humor and can tollerate the difficulty.
360 gamertag: drunken feedle
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