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User Info: mArCoGoMeZ

9 years ago#1
On coop online, you can do coop terrorist hunt and coop story, and in the options I noticed i could choose a different character rather than my custom character. So, i thought cool i can play as one of the story characters and more. Then i chose Kan, but came out as Logan. Then i thought just must be Kan, so i chose another character Military Heavy, oh guess what... its LOGAN! Every character for me is LOGAN, LOGAN, LOGAN!!! And i see others playing as Jung and Micheal and the other characters. But i seem to stick with Logan. And the next thing is that I stay as Logan even if i choose my custom character, so to solve this problem is just to reboot my Xbox.

So my question is.. How can I change my character instead of my custom one and LOGAN?
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User Info: Kresselack

9 years ago#2
Change to the character you want to use at the options from the title screen. You will be whatever you picked once you get into a game. The game does not allow you to swap appearances on the fly, it requires a map change to take effect. So if you do change it while in a room, you will be Logan until you either change maps, or set it back to what you were originally.

There is an odd glitch that can happen where you end up as Logan, but he is wearing your custom characters armor. I never bothered to figure out the way to do it, but it involves switching between your custom and Logan while in a room.

The Tactical and other pre=set appearance choices can vary based on the map, I think. When I first had the game we were doing splitscreen and my Military had a helmet one round and a beret the next.
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