God of war 2 red orb cheats

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9 years ago#1
Am I the only person on here who knows about the 3 red orb cheats in god of war 2,which help out alot in Titan mode.The first one being that part where all the arms attack you.All you gotta do is continue to grab the arms and you can get as many orbs as you want.The second one is after you aquire typhons bane and kill the fates sentries and cursed archers and that green face dissapears,dont kill the 2 other cursed archers across from the huge pit, you go up to the area where the chests are frozen(Typhons fire pit) and you have to burn the fates sentries to melt the ice.But instead of entering the area you have to stay near the end of the narrow path that leads to typhons fire pit,since they cant attack you there, and start shooting at the fates sentries.Since you still have unlimited magic continue to shoot the fates sentries untill you get a 2,000 hit combo.This gives you 2,000 orbs.If you want to max boa or tb out you can continue to shoot the arrows to get 2,000 hit combos and 2,000 red orbs.The third is after you kill eurayle and it says turn 5 people into stone using her head.Instead of turning 5 people into stone you could take advantage of having unlimited magic and continousely do cronos rage gaetting large combos and alot of red orbs.

User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#2
Those methods are all well known.
what lurks on channel x?


9 years ago#3
you sure about that.

User Info: RAZOR0018

9 years ago#4
Aha you aren't special! :P

Seriously though it's not like the game just came out yesterday. It has been out more than long enough veterans to find every exploit there is. And yes all the red orb farming areas are well-known.

User Info: Gregsplintercel

9 years ago#5
this is news to me thanks alot TC

User Info: well now

well now
9 years ago#6
It still helped me though, although I'm sure i lost a few IQ points reading that.

User Info: SasukeUchihaCMF

8 years ago#7
these are easy 2 figure out an dpretty cheap to, but hey what ever works right? also, not unlimitied red orbs and im sure this well known there is the "now i am become death" cheat, well not cheat more of an easter egg in the game that will provide you with some xtra red orbs.
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