Best Lving method? Low world scenario

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User Info: nenenesan

5 years ago#1
So far, due to memory gate lv demand, i end up grinding all my character on the last map "mystic world". 2-3 turns set up. You can take up to 10 charcs but only 5 can be leveled with my method.

1. Sacrifical captain
2. The map set up
3. The battle

Sacrificial captain
Mystic world only have 3 enemies defending a castle. We need to make it 4 enemies to get the full benefit. Simply get one captain that you can sacrifice. Strip it off all units (i am not sure if putting it rare items will affect drop rate). Go to any map, and let it die in out post to be released. Note, do not release more than one captain, that will increase the amount of enemy you will face. Note also, the type of captain you release will also affect the type of unit drop that you will get after battle (e.g. if you beat a bird captain, then you will get bird type unit)

The map set up
Mystic world map is a very small map with a strategic out post.

X is the enemy base
o is the outpost. And the rest is not pictured, you'll get the idea.
First turn, run as fast as possible to the outpost and set up Hospital. Use your strongest captain to sit on the upper outpost and second strongest on the bottom. Try to balance it.
You can only move 5x during a turn, Meaning you can attack the enemy base 5x. Divide the characters that you want to level into 2 groups into top and bottom outpost. Make sure that you dont have any gunner / long range units.

The battle
This is the part where you start farming / leveling. Once the enemies are trapped in their own base, Take your strongest charc, and hit the main base. Beat all the battles except the final one. Just lower the final enemy captain HP to near death (i usually keep 200 or less), then run away. After that , let whoever you want to level to hit the main base, you will see those captains that you beat earlier having 1hp. OHKO , even a level 20 charc can beat lv70 enemy in that case giving instance level.

Rinse and repeat, make sure that you save as often as possible just incase if you accidentally ended the battle. I dont bother with exploring the hospital itself, but feel free.

This scenario works for me cause my Quinn is lv70 while the rest of my captains are at least 10 lvs below me. And i just got my secret hidden charcs at the last stage as well.
Few things to notice:

1. Your sacrificial captain will drop certain unit that correspond to its type. By default, you will get Titan and Diablo type from the enemy captain from that stage.
2. You sacrificial captain will have same lv as your strongest captain, meaning if you sacrifice a lv 10 captain, suddenly you will have lv70 (in my case). Though their stats tend to be worse.
3. Partner of captain level up half the rate of the captain itself, might want to switch after or simply allocate bonus exp (which is based on the number of battle you do).
4. Note that there is only enough room for 8 people to battle in this map. 5 to attack castle, 3 to explore the outpost.

Now my questions:
1. How do you get King Hiyoko ?
2. Any unit has more than 1000hp ?
3. What is best range unit ?

User Info: nenenesan

5 years ago#2
Forgot to ask : If any of you know better farming location / method, please reply here.

First time playing this, then you'll similar scenario on other maps to be explored
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