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User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#1
Author: Penguin Knight

Lilim with 4 elemental spells (single target) [LEVEL 8]

Pixie (Dia) x Nekomata (Agi, Cleave)
---> Forneus (1) (Bufu, Cleave)

Angel (Garu, Batra) x the Forneus on the previous
---> Lilim (Agi, Zio, Bufu, Garu, Marin Karin, Rakukaja, Mudo, Mazio)

Narcissus with 4 elemental spells (all target) [LEVEL 22]

Pyro jack (Agi, Sukunda, Mararagi) x Operon (zio, Media, mazio)
---> Mithra (Hama, Double Fang, Mabufu, Maragi, Mazio)

Fortuna (Garu, Bufu, Magaru, Evade wind) x Mithra from above
---> Narcissus (Charm booster, Sexy dance, Charmdi, Dekunda, Magaru, Mabufu, Maragi, Mazio)

Note: Mithra is lv 22 requirement, thus while Narcissus is a lv 20 fusion, this 4 elemental variant is only possible when MC is 22.

4-Elemental Pale Rider (single target) [Level 30]

Ose + Legion ---> Orpheus with Arazio

Fuse Take-mikazuchi (24) and level him to learn Zionga, then fuse it with King Frost (30) to get Oberon (to reduce noise), make sure the Oberon has got Zionga

Fuse Temperance Genbu, I used Oomitsunu (30) and Lamia. I deleted this Genbu and resummoned a stock who knows Bufula.

Now try a triangular spread using that three (Orpheus, Oberon, Genbu). It should give you a Pale Rider (assuming you have completed Elizabeth's quest). If that Pale Rider can only inherit three skills, level the three personae a bit so that they learn new skills. The more new skills totally, the more the resultant persona will inherit (max. for triangular spread should be 4).

Finally, shuffle and shuffle until the Pale Rider has Arazio, Zioga, and Bufura. It took me about 350 attempts...

Later Pale Rider will learn Garura... so, it's an upgrade version of 4-element Lilim.

Note: Oumitsunu and King Frost are level 30.

Tri-auto Raphael

Sun Metatron x Sun Vishnu
= Sun Horus (Matarukaja Auto + High Grow + Masukukaja Auto)

Horus above X Temperance Seiryu
= Star Ganesha (with Matarukaja Auto + High Grow + Masukukaja Auto inherited PLUS alert)

The Ganesha above X Emperss Skadi X Temperance Nigimitama
= Lover Raphael, who already knows Marakukaja Auto

Bring him to start any battle, and your whole party will enjoy three rounds of Sukukaja, Rakukaja, and Tarukaja.

Author: Arthellinus

Hariti with 8 support skills

Tri-Auto Raphael x Lachesis x Cu Chulainn

= Hariti (Matarukaja, Masukukaja, Auto-Mataru, Auto-Maraku) with natural Diarahan, Marakukaja, Mediarahan (Lv 59), Samarecarm (Lv 61), Auto-Masuku (Lv 62)

That's a total of 9 skills, so you'd have to toss one.

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#2
Author: ChronoChris

Null Dark Messiah

1. Level up Daishojo until he learns Null Dark
2. Daishojo x Aramitama x Nekomata = Decarabia with Null Dark
3. Decarabia x Ose = Legion with Null Dark
4. Legion x Ose = Orpheus with Null Dark
5. Orpheus x Thanatos = Messiah with Null Dark

This pathway is also useful for fitting extra skill into Orpheus, which would later picked up by Messiah.

[Level 55] 4 element Loki with all -dyne and maragidyne

Fuse a Suzaku I used two cards from the shuffle just make sure he has Ziodyne(which he learns at 52, so your needs to be high enough to get him at least 1 level).

Suzaku + Surt = Mot (Mot needs Ziodyne and Maragidyne, mine also got megido and deathbound(since my Surt has megido)

Use the Mot from above Mot + Titania = Succubus (with Ziodyne, Agidyne(succubus has this standard), Maragidyne, you'll also get mudo boost and mamudoon making the Succubus pretty nice in her own right)

Use the Succubus from above in the Loki Fusion: Nandi + Sakimitama + Succubus = Loki(With Apt Pupil, Garudyne, Bufudyne, Agidyne, Ziodyne, Maragidyne)

This Loki can have pretty much anything you want, provided you can suffer through the reselects. It took me about 3 hours total, with all the reselects to get the finished product.

My Loki is level 60 with: Apt Pupil, Garudyne, Bufudyne, Mudoon, Agidyne, Maragidyne, Ziodyne, Null Fire(Loki is weak to fire, and he learns Null fire at 60 so he then has no weakness)

Register that Mot it's useful in creating:

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Voidox

10 years ago#4
I have a fusion question...

Is it possible to have Alice with 4 elemental dyne skills? How to make Thanatos inherit Ziodyne, Bufudyne and Garudyne?
(I had Pale Rider with Bufudyne, Mot with Ziodyne and Samael with Garudyne but no luck.)
Thanks. :)

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#5
Author: opfer_gv

4-element Single target Lilith

Loki + Vishunu = Mother Harlot (Bufu-Zio-Garudyne)
M.Harlot + Surtr (Agidyne) + Eligor = Harity (with all 4 dyne)
Harity + Thor = Abbadon.
Abbadon + Sccubus = Incubus. <- need to test..
or Abbadon + Lilith = Sccubus. <- try this if Abba and Scc thoes not work.
Incubus + Sccubus + Veldara + Lilim = Lilith with 4 dyne spell.

Application of 4-element dynes Lilith [Single target] :

A.) 4-elemental dynes Cybele with Null Light [Single Target]

You should have Lilith with 4 Dyne spell. (I posted how on your topic before)
Use that recipe but need some change - level up Sccubus to 55 and it will learn Immune to Light, use that Sccubus in Lilith fusion.

Then use that Lilith (4 dyne spell and Immune to Light) to fuse Cybele.

Lilith + Metatron + Rafael = Cybele.

B.) Alice with 4 elemental dynes [single target] + Null Light

(base level)

Lilith (61) + Lyannan Sith (33) = Titania (50) with 4 Dyne spell.
Titania + Saki-mitama (39) = Queen Mab
Queen Mab (27) + Narniccus (20) = Pixie (2) with 4 Dyne spell.

For immune to light.
Sccubus (52, learn Immune to light at 57) + Incubus (34) = Veldala
Veldala (24) + Incubus (34) = Lilim (8) with immune to light.

Lilim + Pixie + Natataishi + Veldala = Alice with 4 dyne (single target) and immune to light.

If you want God's grace and Mind Charge on Titania (God's grace learn at Lv 54).. inherit immune to light in Titania and inherit 4 dyne spell on..
Lilith + Sccubus = Incubus
Incubus + Veldala = Lilim

Kikurihime with 2nd level 4 elemental [All Target]

Lakshumi (Mabufura) + Taraka = Titania (Medirama, Mind charge, Magarura, Mabufura)

Titania + Dionysus (MaZionga, Mind charge) + Flarous = Kikurihime (Medirama, Invigorate 1, MaRagion, MaGarura, MaBufura, MaZionga)

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#6
Author: Red Lotus Knight

Victory Cry on Messiah:

Belzebub + Abbadon = Sccubus
Sccubus + Incubus = Veldala
Incubus + Veldara = Lilim
Lilim + Natataishi + Pixie + Narcissus = Alice
Loa + Pale Rider + Mot + Alice + Samael = Thanatos
Thanatos + Orpheus = Messiah

After a bit of experimenting myself I managed to get Victory Cry, Spell Master, Makarakarn, and Tetrakarn all on Messiah ^^; I figure those skills embody the word Messiah and I'm happy with him :D (but gosh it was so much work -_-)

Messiah with with Spell Master, Makarakarn, Tetrakarn and Victory Cry

^To be honest when I was experimenting I was winging it entirely lol. I also try not to register any of my persona into the compendium because it's easier (I think) to fuse a vanilla persona rather than one with all this noise. There are probably a few steps I didn't need but maybe one of the experts can clean this up for me? Anyway here goes nothing :D

I used the fusion above to get Victory Cry onto Thanatos:
Lv 87 Belzebub + Abbadon = Sccubus
Sccubus + Incubus = Vetela
Incubus + Vetela = Lilim
Lilim + Natataishi + Pixie + Narcissus = Alice
Loa + Pale Rider + Mot + Alice + Samael = Thanatos (With Victory Cry)

Beelzebub already has Makarakarn but I couldn't get it onto Alice for some reason and gave up on it at that step (though I might not have tried hard enough if you can get it on her please do it'll save time). Susano-o already has Tetrakarn. But I had to get the Makarakarn off of Beelzebub and my goal was a Lilim with it so once again:
Belzebub (vanilla with Makarakarn) + Abbadon = Sccubus
Sccubus + Incubus = Vetela
Incubus + Vetela = Lilim (with Makarkarn)

Once I had that my goal was to make a Decarabia with Makarakarn:
Suzaku+Lilim (from above)+Thor= Decarabia (with Makarakarn)
Okuninushi+Lilim (from above)+Thor= Decarabia (with Makarakarn)

Either way works I don't remember which one I used. Then:
Susano-o (With Tetrakarn) + Decarabia (With Makarakarn) = Loki (with both)
Loki (With both) + Decarabia = Ose (with both AND your Fool SLink should be maxed so get rid of any Agi spells because it's the element Orpheus naturally inherits I think)

Now for spell master I used Cybele (Lv 75):
Cybele (with Spell master) + Raphael = Titania
Titania + Saki Mitama = Queen Mab
Queen Mab + Narcissus = Pixie (with Spell master)

Then I made a Legion using the above Pixie:
Pixie+Inugami+Unicorn = Legion (with Spell Master)

Now if you haven't been suffering up to this point you will now, these next 2 steps are the toughest (as if it wasn't hard enough? >.<):
Legion (With Spell Master) + Ose (with Tetrakarn and Makarakarn) = Orpheus (with all 3)

Orpheus (with Spell Master, Makarakarn, Tetrakarn) + Thanatos (with Victory Cry) = Messiah (with all 4 yay^^;)

This took WAY too long and I did it because I'm such a perfectionist. For your own sanity, I dont recommend anyone trying it but if you wanted my version of the "True" Messiah that's how I accomplished it. You could also give in and stick just Victory Cry and Spell Master on Messiah and cast Salvation all day too haha XD

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#7
Author: roflcopter24

Power with 4 elemental spells (all target) [LEVEL 25]

Fortuna (17) + Mithras (22) (Mazio, Mabufu, Maragi) = Narcissus (Magaru, Mabufu, Maragi)

Narcissus + Naga (17) (Mazio) = Power (Magaru, Mazio, Maragi, Mabufu)

Thanatos with Heat Wave/Deathbound, Die for me!, Mudo Boost, Null Light

Thanatos is available after two criteria: the typhoon on 9/21, and when your Death S.Link reaches 10. as for how i created it, there was no EXACT map i followed, but thanks to Arthellinus' Game Mechanics guide, i was able to keep in mind a few things:

- Empress + Strength = Chariot
- Chariot + Temperance = Death
- Chariot + Chariot + Temperance = Death too
- in a Triangle Fusion, if all 3 personae have 8 skills each, the resulting persona will have 5 bonus skills [IMPORTANT]
- fusing would be much much easier if you fully understand the theory behind Triangle Fusions.

All I did was keep bringing down physical skills from the Strength and Chariot personae onto my Death personae until all of them had a full repertoire of skills, many of which were actually useless ones like Zan-ei, Assault Dive, Swift Strike, etc, but take em anyway. don't forget to bring Heat Wave and Deathbound into the mix! get rid of any Mudo-type skills (save Die for Me! and Mudo Boost) and status-afflicting skills along with their component boosts (Ailment Boost, Fear Boost etc. as they have an equally likely chance of appearing as Mudo Boost) as well as Spirit and Life Drain.

When you make a Chariot persona with 8 skills, register it to make the different personae of the same Arcana, just use personae of the Arcanas above of a lower level, bring down skills from the higher leveled ones (that i hope you registered) to the lower ones. e.g. Koukomoten + Nata Taishi = Oumitsunu. lather, rinse, repeat

As for getting Null Light, I had Max Devil S.Link at the time, so i made a Succubus which got Null Light at 57, bring it down to Lilim (avoiding her Mudo), get Nata Taishi (hopefully 8 skills from previous fusing), then Queen Mab + Narc = Pixie with some healing spells (try to minimise having Marin Karin, Charm Boost and Sexy Dance, as they're 'permanent' noise on Alice), resummon Narc and you get an Alice with Die for Me! and Null Light, bring her up to 62 to get Mudo Boost, just because.

In my experience, the biggest problem was getting 8 skills on Loa, because bringing down skills won't work, he gets Evil Touch, Life Drain and Fear Boost, and you're still gonna have to deal with both Mudo and Mamudo. all i did was get a 8-skilled Chimera + 8-skilled Ara Mitama + 8-skilled Nigi Mitama = Loa with loads of BS physical skills.

All that's left to do is to cancel and reselect that Thanatos until your O and X buttons become less responsive.

Hope that helped, i know it's a lot to read, but it took a while for me too. I was ultimately aiming for Heat Wave instead of Deathbound, butIi was already 3 hours into tinkering so I just said ahh screw it, and took it.

It can be quite heart-wrenching too. I once had Mudo Boost, Die for Me!, Heat Wave AND Deathbound, but no Null Light. argh.

My Thanatos is awesome, just pump Swords and Coins/Cups of Kings until Strength is 99 and Luck as close to 99 as possible and you got something less 'haxed' than Armageddon right there. The enemy is immune to Dark? Go all Deathbound/Heat Wave on their sorry bums. When I start a New Game+, it will only be taking this Thanatos and my Tri-Auto Metatron, because, well, Thanatos feels right, ya know?

Now if you'll excuse me, i have an awesome Cybele i'm attempting to make. happy fusing.

User Info: jackstar_rock

10 years ago#8
Author: wing zero89

null all abaddon(except almighty)

sucubus lvl57 sexy dance,fire break,mamudo,heavy master,ailment boost,resist strike,null light
lilith lvl67 absorb wind,elec break,fast retreat, megidola, mabufudyne, maharakarn, maziodyne,sexy dance
yomotsu shikome any

fuse the three to get anubis(save this guy) mahamaon,mamudoon,null light,absorb wind,makarakarn,null ice,null elec,hama

anubis+mother harlot(any but i used the one i got from shuffle)+valkyrie(any) ->get thor ziodyne gigantic fist,high counter,null light,null ice,hama,absorb wind,auto mataru
*note about thor,he is able to get null ice/elec/light and absorb wind but i was too lazy to get all 4 on him so i took 3

buy the anubis and mother harlot again

fuse anubis+mother harlot+ sarasvati ->get hariti diarahan,absorb wind,null light,null elec,mediarahan,arrow rain,samarecarm,auto masuku
*note,hariti is able to get null ice/elec/light and absorb wind but i was too alzy to get all 4 of her

fuse thor and hariti and get abaddon

lilith and sucubus level doesnt matter as long as you learn their last skill but anubis you gotta level him to get the rest of the nulls

Mother Harlot with 4 dyne + spellmaster

Loki(garu/bufu dyne, null fire)

Harlot already has Ziodyne and Null, so she has no weakness.

Important note: I apologize profusely for forgetting who to credit for 4 dyne Mother Harlot recipe. If anyone knows, please post it here so due recognition is accorded.

These are the notes I'm sharing since the previous thread was locked @500 posts. Hopefully this topic will never be lost, as the information collected thus far is of immerse value for Persona 3 players.

User Info: redgirl

10 years ago#9
Was there a recipe for a "bridge" Titania that Arthellinus talked about in the last thread? I already made the 4 elemental Kikurihime, but I can't remember what skills he had on the Titania.
Hello. You've reached the winter of my discontent.

User Info: IllusionKnight

10 years ago#10
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