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Author: Penguin Knight

Lilim with 4 elemental spells (single target) [LEVEL 8]

Pixie (Dia) x Nekomata (Agi, Cleave)
---> Forneus (1) (Bufu, Cleave)

Angel (Garu, Batra) x the Forneus on the previous
---> Lilim (Agi, Zio, Bufu, Garu, Marin Karin, Rakukaja, Mudo, Mazio)

Narcissus with 4 elemental spells (all target) [LEVEL 22]

Pyro jack (Agi, Sukunda, Mararagi) x Operon (zio, Media, mazio)
---> Mithra (Hama, Double Fang, Mabufu, Maragi, Mazio)

Fortuna (Garu, Bufu, Magaru, Evade wind) x Mithra from above
---> Narcissus (Charm booster, Sexy dance, Charmdi, Dekunda, Magaru, Mabufu, Maragi, Mazio)

Note: Mithra is lv 22 requirement, thus while Narcissus is a lv 20 fusion, this 4 elemental variant is only possible when MC is 22.

4-Elemental Pale Rider (single target) [Level 30]

Ose + Legion ---> Orpheus with Arazio

Fuse Take-mikazuchi (24) and level him to learn Zionga, then fuse it with King Frost (30) to get Oberon (to reduce noise), make sure the Oberon has got Zionga

Fuse Temperance Genbu, I used Oomitsunu (30) and Lamia. I deleted this Genbu and resummoned a stock who knows Bufula.

Now try a triangular spread using that three (Orpheus, Oberon, Genbu). It should give you a Pale Rider (assuming you have completed Elizabeth's quest). If that Pale Rider can only inherit three skills, level the three personae a bit so that they learn new skills. The more new skills totally, the more the resultant persona will inherit (max. for triangular spread should be 4).

Finally, shuffle and shuffle until the Pale Rider has Arazio, Zioga, and Bufura. It took me about 350 attempts...

Later Pale Rider will learn Garura... so, it's an upgrade version of 4-element Lilim.

Note: Oumitsunu and King Frost are level 30.

Tri-auto Raphael

Sun Metatron x Sun Vishnu
= Sun Horus (Matarukaja Auto + High Grow + Masukukaja Auto)

Horus above X Temperance Seiryu
= Star Ganesha (with Matarukaja Auto + High Grow + Masukukaja Auto inherited PLUS alert)

The Ganesha above X Emperss Skadi X Temperance Nigimitama
= Lover Raphael, who already knows Marakukaja Auto

Bring him to start any battle, and your whole party will enjoy three rounds of Sukukaja, Rakukaja, and Tarukaja.

Author: Arthellinus

Hariti with 8 support skills

Tri-Auto Raphael x Lachesis x Cu Chulainn

= Hariti (Matarukaja, Masukukaja, Auto-Mataru, Auto-Maraku) with natural Diarahan, Marakukaja, Mediarahan (Lv 59), Samarecarm (Lv 61), Auto-Masuku (Lv 62)

That's a total of 9 skills, so you'd have to toss one.